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Thread: Post your TDL for 2016

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    Talking Post your TDL for 2016

    I will update my list if I add to it over the year, but for now:
    1. Lea at xxxtase
    2, Danni at
    3. Olivia @ Nadya Vip
    It would be great if those who post would include links as I have done

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    For 2016.

    For now....


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    It would be great if those who post would include links as I have done

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikea1999 View Post
    I will update my list if I add to it over the year, but for now:
    1. Lea at xxxtase
    2, Danni at
    3. Olivia @ Nadya Vip
    Olivia at Nadya is a sweety

    For me:
    1. Vicky @ sweetnsexygirls
    2. Melodie @ nadya Vip
    3. Kendall @ euphoria


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    Ok for me....
    Just sad that Nadya vip doesnt do outcall..i hate incall sniffff..But i dont gonna have the choice sniffff i guess
    Dannie of Nadya vip...damn it is been a while ..schedule neverrrrrrrrr match up
    Megan of Nadya vip..overdueeeeeeee loll
    Jasmine of Vogue
    Leyla of Gentleman
    Eva of Adagio
    MOJO girls..will see...
    Girl of Extase...EVA ALEXI DAPHNEE EMMA ..oufffff in picture...
    And going and going with my regular..
    That is what i have in mind right now...
    Donner une deuxième chance a quelqu'un qui ta trahi c'est comme donner une deuxième balle a quelqu'un qui ta manqué!!!

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    -Gabrielle Garnier,
    -Sophie Lee
    -Heidi Van Horny

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    Heidi @ Euphoria
    Anastasia @ Euphoria
    Kendall @ Euphoria

    Arielle @ xxxtase
    Daphne @ xxxtase
    Lea @ xxxtase

    Angela @ Mojo

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    1. Lydhia (Indy)
    2. Dannie (Nadya)
    3. Neva (Euphoria)
    4. Kayla (Indy)
    5. Heidi van Horny (Indy)
    6. Gemini Sky (Indy)

    And Jezabelle over and over because she's that good!

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    Alright, i never did this, but for once i think i will. This is a very hypotetical list, a big one, but this include all the ladies i am interested of seeing, there is no particular order, timing of booking may be a factor, mood i am in as well, and keep in mind i will NEVER be able to see all of them sadly.

    Brooke at MTL GFE : Saw her in 2013 at GG, always wanted to see her again.

    Mandy at Vogue : Try to see her since like 2 years ago if not 3 (xxxtase or vogue), timing is always off or something happen, hope eventually it will be a good time lol

    Chloe at Euphoria : she is very cute, saw her in parties, friendly to talk to, excellent reviews. Asked a couple time James to see her but she was not working on the days i was going to mtl. But interested since a

    Tianna Indy : I know she is gonna read this lol, but yes been a while im interested to see you We met each other many times, but never for sex lol

    Jezabelle Indy : The legend, lots of good review, blond, big breast, totally my type, saw her once at a party, very pretty eyes, definately would like to see her

    Kate Mojo : Saw her at a GT, im not a fan of too much tatoos usually but she has a little something that interest me a lot, and she got nice natural breast

    Katty xxxtase : Recomandation from friends, looks very pretty, too bad no Cim tough, but definately interested anyway (as i mentioned in other theads, part of the exeptions lol)

    Maeva ex-xxxtase : Saw some backpage ads a couple weeks ago, know she work somewhere else too, may be a bit tricky to meet her but have a friend that saw her several times so could definately be arrenged.

    Maria Star Indy : Obviously !! Tried to book her once but timing didn't work last year, maybe this year? We will see

    Jasmine Vogue : Since i learned she is the former Leticya at GG and ex-Cassandra at Montreal Angel, i am really interest to see her, a friend said he had a great session too with her, so yeah

    Amanda Divine Indy : Saw her a bit at the last party i was at, i like her look.

    Kaila (or Kayla?) Now Indy : I was waiting for her to change agency or in this case get indy to see her again, had lots of fun the 2 times i met her, she is pretty open minded as she say herself, hope to be able to see her for sure.

    Sophie at Montreal Elite : One of the few "original goodgirls" from the early parties i never saw, always wanted to, always had somebody else to see before.

    Bella at MTL GFE : Same as Sophie, but always had an interest in her that never got away

    Pornstars :

    Kelly Summer Indy : Saw her 4 times in 2012, back in the days i was a bit more fortunate, but i always wanted to meet her again, maybe this year.

    Jessie Storm : Saw her at a GG party, she is quite famous these days, she advertise here, blond, 36D, again my type

    Anna Nikova : I was barely an adult i was fapping to her, even before Kelly Summer i think, and after meeting her at parties she does look as good as ever. Booking her may be a bit tricky but maybe some friends could help me eventuually? lol

    Shana Lane : She goes to euphoria at time, she was at xxxtase for a while, again met her at a party, look super cool, know she is not a shy one from her movie, always wanted to meet her. A fantasy would be to have a Lane Sister duo but well.. good luck myself with that.

    Heidy Van Horny : Saw her ads here, yes im attracked to pornstars, but as much as she does interest me, i must admit her friend in the picture, wich is also a "pornstars" (to be fair i think she has like 2 scenes + one of those ad4x casting under her belt only) but she really do it for me, i would love to meet her.


    Kate GFE of the Year 2013 : Well she is retired now... but in this business who knows... if she come back she will DEFINATELY be on this list lol. Saw her 10 times from 2010 to 2014.

    Christina at WT : I opened up the year with her, had an amazing time, review to come soon, would certainly want to see her again this year. It was my third time seeing her, but after a 2 years gap, i missed her

    Euphoria Girls : Honestly they all look pretty, but most of them i have no info other than pics i saw so far, so maybe if i attend a party and there is some? Maybe when i talk to James a bit about them? Who knows, they look very good, but as you can see the list ain't small.

    Now, i may be forgetting somebody, surely some new girls are gonna come on the scene, some may leave before i see them, and with the huge number that this list has on... i know i will never be able to see them all. I am aiming for 6 meeting total in 2016, maybe 7 if lucky. I would like at least 2-3 new girls, but some repeats too, cause of them i miss them. So lets say rendez vous at the end of the year for the results lol.

    Oh : And by the way, i do know lots of SPs read there reviews, read the board, the bookers also, do NOT think because you are not on the list that there is no chance i see you. If anything this list may change in route as i said, i can meet you at a party and be totally hooked on you, well everything can happen
    Here's to the people we've met, and the people we've fucked And to those of us who have had no such luck Here's to beer in the glass and vodka in the cup Here's to poking her in the ass so she won't get knocked up Here's to all of you and here's to me... Together as friends we should always be... But if we should ever disagree... Then fuck all of you and here's to me! - Tucker Max

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    January, yearly physical.
    February, prostate exam.
    March, Clean golf clubs.
    April, Switch my winter tires to summer tires(and avoiding licking them). Golf.
    May, Take mom out for mothers day dinner. Golf.
    June, Visit cemetery for fathers day, Play lots of golf.
    July, Golf.
    August, Golf.
    Sept, Golf and watch NFL.
    Oct, Maybe golf.....and go trick or treating, NFL
    Nov, Eat turkey. NFL.
    Dec, Switch tires again, Enjoy the Christmas holidays and bring 2016 to a perfect end with the beautiful Florence Champagne.

    That about covers everything...

    Thor Jr

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    Jr. Is the prostate exam before or after you see Flo-Champ again ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloudsurf View Post
    Jr. Is the prostate exam before or after you see Flo-Champ again ?
    Well, neither, it is during............... I also get a colonoscopy while i am there....Just kidding Angel............Man i am in shit today.....

    Thor Jr

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    1. Mellyann ( indy )
    2. Sophie ( Aphrodisia )
    3. Steffy pour une 3ème fois ( Aventurières )
    4. Elféa ( Gentlemen's Paradise )
    5. Mia ( Aventurières )

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    montreal or costa rica baby
    - chloe angel
    "Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going"

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    Women have theirs too!!

    Wentworth Miller (Prison Break)
    Lana Del Rey
    The Weeknd
    Exclusive Haute Confidante:
    Follow me for sexy selfies! @VIPElizabethMTL

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