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    Mt Saint Anne


    Been awhile since I posted... but I might be doing another trip up to Canada in a few weeks. Not going to Montreal this time but I am driving up to Mt Saint Anne.. are there any places I should stop on my way up there? did a search for Mt Saint Anne.. with no hits.. let me know .. thanks a bunch

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    Mont Ste-Anne


    I stay in the Mont Saint Anne area when in Quebec City, if what you are looking is for SPs, the pickings are short, I have gotten Top Models (418) 872 6497 to come to my appartement when assuring a 2 - 3 hour date. Erika is very popular, see this thread:

    but I do not know her personally. Now you will have to home your french skills or hope that the receptionist the day you call speaks english well enough not to get pissed at you when you tell her you are calling from Mt Ste-Anne.

    Other than them, you migth be able to get Katherine from VIP to do something for you, here is the web site:

    If not then come into the city, is a 30 to 45 minute ride like G1G said but you can have a good meal and try the incall of VIP which is kind of nice. If in the city, your choices become greater as well.

    good luck!
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    thanks Canadian Joe.. we are going to QC a few nights.. where is the INCALL for VIP? Can someone message me the details?

    thanks again.. leaving tomm

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