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Thread: Having Sex before playing sports or workout. Fact or Myth.

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    Having Sex before playing sports or workout. Fact or Myth.

    Having Sex before playing sports or workout?

    So I was just curious about everybody else's experience behind this.

    There are plenty of articles out there, some saying that it's actually better if you have sex before working out or playing a sport because it actually increases your testosterone. On the flip side there is this myth that sex before will weaken you

    Now there have been tests done, mostly strength tests, that show that weather you have sex or not it doesn't really change anything.

    That being said, I've noticed if I have sex the same day as a workout or playing sports I find I preform the same or much better BUT If I have sex the day before, especially if it's at night and the workout is in the morning, It's a hell of a lot more difficult!

    Now here's the weird thing. if I have sex the night before and then again in the morning.... I'm fine

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    I prefer work out then sex (kind of an active recovery)

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    I've tried it after weight training in the shower with my sparing partner (who was a former GF) -- the trick is adequate hydration before and during the work out and pace myself (and herself) with protein shakes prior and during the work out. It's all in the preparation -- and the sex in the shower and in bed afterward was vigorously fun.

    I've tried with with SP -- worked out a few hours prior to my meeting and a red bull 15 minutes before the meeting. Key is to let your muscles and brain some recovery time prior to the reward. She was a spinner and had an over-active sex drive, so we both had fun. Afterwards, I slept for 10 hours straight.

    Not sure if abstinence helped Russell Wilson play better this NFL season. Now he can enjoy carnal pleasure with his HOT GF!

    You would think cops would realize this too.

    by Lindsay H. Jones, USA TODAY Sports (3rd Feb 2016)

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said he was disappointed for practice squad safety Ryan Murphy, who was sent home from California on Tuesday night.

    Murphy was questioned and released by police in San Jose as part of a prostitution sting. Murphy’s brother received a citation.

    “There’s disappointment, but we’ve moved on,” Kubiak said Wednesday morning.

    Part of that disappointment was for Murphy’s actions, which came days after Kubiak gave a speech to the players before they left Colorado about being accountable for their actions amid the distractions of Super Bowl week. And part of it, Kubiak said, was disappointment for Murphy, who will not be part of anymore of the team’s preparations or at the stadium Sunday.

    The Broncos begin their first of three practices leading up to Super Bowl 50 on Wednesday.

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    I prefer sex being the workout

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    Back in 1989 Margo Adams, in her lawsuit against former major league baseball player Wade Boggs, claimed that he refused sex during the day before games because it weakened his legs, and strong legs were needed to play 3rd base:,2383451&hl=en

    Boggs never denied that particular claim. The emotional distress claims by Margo Adams were ultimately thrown out, and the rest of her lawsuit settled out of court.

    Wade Boggs used strong legs, which abstained from sex, to amass 3,000 career major league hits and enshrinement in Baseball's Hall of Fame, and won a World Series ring with the Yankees in 1996.

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    I play soccer and I am better when i have sex before it,s good for the stamina

    After I am too drained out i have to wait at least two hour

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