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Thread: Peyote in canada

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    Peyote in canada

    Is it true that peyote is legal in canada or is that just urban myth? If it is indeed legal what type of shop/store sells it, specifically on the island?

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    They have the plants. Perfectly legal if you buy the peyote cactus.
    The best stone in my life was mescaline when I was a teenager.

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    Thank you for the reply, i live in the us, so i cant have it shipped here, i was thinking of trying it during a visit sometime, do they have any physical stores or just web orders?

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    In the US it is legal for aboriginal ceramonial use.

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    Isn't the high from peyote on par with heroin ? Probably shouldn't meddle with the stuff...aboriginals know what they're doing since they maybe grew up learning about for the ceremony. I doubt you or I could say the same...

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    There are quite a few places in the Laurentions that offer vision quests and peyote is part of that journey. You can try googling it.

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