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Thread: Amour & Compagnie schedule

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    Amour & Compagnie schedule

    I donít know if Iím posting in the good thread?

    I will be in the area of A&C on Thursday. I called to find out who was working and they gave me a list of: Candy, Jenny, Bianca and Gem (I think that was her name). I saw the thread on Jenny but can someone tell me about the others?

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    Forgett Jenny - go for Gem, nice blond (formerly of 5 etoiles), dont know about the service but looks are good, highly recomended by Recep.
    She is quite booked, but call in advance and maybe you'll get lucky.
    Candy - she is from Islands or Haiti, never used her (not my piece of cake) , Bianca - quite complicated, first of all - she is in mid 30's and it shaws, spearing you the details face 2, body 2,5 service 3-3.5, nothing special I personaly think she dont fit the standard of A&C. Good Hunting and let us know

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