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Thread: Ok, is this national poop month....

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    Ok, is this national poop month....

    Last week, it was about the shape, color and size of your poop, now this:

    What is going on? Are they trying to tell us something? Is this national poop month? Ok, i get it, we need to poop and sometimes its rather enjoyable.
    I think it was there way of getting a cute dog doing his business in public. And that's another thing, why is ok for a dog to show his junk and pee and poop out in the open and the minute we do it, we get a ticket, not fair, and lets face it, a dogs penis, not pretty..

    Ive seen women in parks sitting on a bench and a dog comes by all excited and hes humping the air and his penis is out and the girls are giggling and making jokes, but when i do it, their like that's disgusting and calling the cops. Sorry, got off topic.

    Anyway, poop, from what i read from last week to now is, im good, its the right color, shape and im a regular.

    Thor Jr

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    When your date goes down the drain...

    Gotta love so candid LOL

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    Not long ago talking abot shit was more taboo than talking about sex. Now a days, anything goes.

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