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Thread: Rates in CAD? (Silly question)

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    Rates in CAD? (Silly question)


    This is my first time in the Montreal scene and I have a silly question for you!

    The rates advertised on the ad websites, are they in CAD or USD?
    For example, if Euphoria puts 200$/hour as the donation of certain SP, would that be 200$ CAD or 200$ USD?

    The reason why I ask this is because, on TER, everything seems to be in dollars, even for regions like Britain or Italy, which made me assume everything is in USD on that site.
    But then donations shown for the Canadian providers stay the same price as on their sites so I became confused.

    Feel free to laugh at me, but please enlighten this silly fish first.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Canadian ,so if you are from the States you just made 40% lol Enjoy!

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    As an American you get the double bonus of low rates and excellent exchange. You will probably be paying half price up here.

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