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Thread: Anyone intimidated by duos?

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    Anyone intimidated by duos?

    Hey homies,

    So I've had multiple opportunities to setup a duo however I never brought myself to go through it

    I think it's hard enough to perform well vs one girl but two?

    Don't get me wrong this is my biggest fantasy
    But I have a small fear that it's not gonna pan out like I would hope for and sitting there with two girls would be intensely awkward.

    Anyone feel like this? Or ever overcame this ?

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    I know how you feel. I've been there before. The first time i was supposed to have my duo, i could barely sleep for days. I kept thinking about it. It was supposed to be with two very high-end girls on the day of my birthday. Well, my anxiety was for nothing since they canceled an hour before they were scheduled to show up.

    A year or two later, i booked a girl i had met previously in my buddy's room after he had seen her. She had asked me to give her a call the next time i'd be in town. So three weeks later, i see she's on her agency's schedule so i book her. She was running late and i called the agency. They were surprised she hadn't shown up yet. Finally a few months later, i heard the knock on my door. I opened the door and two girls walk in. I told the girl that the agency was looking for her and she looked surprised. So she called the agency and told her a b.s. story about making a detour to go and buy cigarettes. After they hung up, they looked at one another and said 'what do we do?' They then asked me if i knew their agency owner. I said no and they named a few names and it still didn't ring a bell. So one of them looked at the other and said 'do you wanna stay?' and the other girl said 'why not?' and they started taking their coat off. Then i said "wait.....are you both staying?" Then the girl i was familiar with said "yes....don't you want to see us?" I replied that i hadn't planned on having a duo.....actually, i had never had a duo!!! So i said "sure, maybe it's finally time to break the ice and have my first threesome" and then i told the girl i had met her in my buddy's room a few weeks later and her face brightened up when she immediately remembered me. She was surprised i had kept my promise to call for her the next time i'd be in town.

    Well, i told the girls i'd likely be nervous due to first-time jitters and the duo actually went better than i thought. Except that i came real fast, which is usually surprising in my case. I was in mish with one of the girls when the other girl (who was playing with herself) suddenly said "doggy??" and i suddenly reached my orgasm. It sucked, but that's what happened. I wound up seeing them again the following night and again the next night. I kept calling for that one girl and the other girl kept showing up unannounced. They finally offered me a good deal for future meetings since they enjoyed the chemistry we had and realized i wouldn't be seeing them in threesomes anymore if i had to always pay them each their full rate. Threesome are fun when you have good chemistry, but they can get expensive after a while. I wound up seeing them regularly over a year. I was in great physical shape back then and there's nothing like great sex to keep the body in shape.

    I've had several threesomes since then and i've yet to find one that had the chemistry i had with my first duo partners. This is probably why i rarely have threesomes anymore and hadn't had one in years. I'm overdue for a good threesome and will likely re-visit the experience in the near future. This will be the Summer of Doc, after all.

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    I`ve had about 6 duos in Montreal and 2 in Cuba.
    I really don`t care for them in Montreal but I love them in Cuba because the girls are true friends and amateurs.
    A few years ago I picked up 2 college students in a park in Havana ,and they took me to an apartment of a friend.
    One of the girls was blond and Russian looking while the other was Latina/Afro. Both were very pretty.
    We played for about 3 hours and they wouldn`t accept a penny only lunch and taxi money.
    What was fun was that they were relaxed and having fun and they treated the encounter as a shared adventure.

    The only duo that might have intimidate me, although they didn`t, was the nympho duo of Maria and Byanca.
    It felt like I was caged with 2 hungry tigers and all I had was a 7 inch whip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    Finally a few months later, i heard the knock on my door. I opened the door and two girls walk in.
    That's what we call patience... oh yeah!
    Nae Quin! Nae King!
    Nae Lard! Nae Master!
    We willna be fooled again!

    Terry Pratchett

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    Quote Originally Posted by letsrock2012 View Post
    That's what we call patience... oh yeah!
    It's more what I'd call luck!

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    About ten years ago, I was seeing a girl from Joliette, who had a few friends interested in the "easy" money of escorting. Side comment: it's not so easy, I know, but that's what she was telling her friends (she was very "sexual" and it was easy for her).

    There was one of her firends she was very close to, sexually speaking, both bi-sexual and having fun together. When I told her I was wondering how it would be with two women, she literally jumped on the occasion and told me how it would be fun with me and her bi firend. We scheduled it. On that day before they arrived, I was like Doc, very nervous, wondering if I'd be up to their expectations, etc. I had rented a room with a large Jacuzzi, and we spent 2-3 hours together. It all started in the large bath, getting each of us horny as hell... In the bed it was real fun, although it's difficult to please both of them. However since they were horny with each other as much (if not more) than me into them, I didn't really have to worry. Pure pleasure!

    I've seen them together 2-3 times after that, as well as other duos, and it's never been as intense as that first time. In the end, the 1st girl found a job as a hair dresser and stopped escorting, and I continued seing the other girl once every week or two during a few months. She had the most amazing body I had ever seen at the time!

    Moral of the story: If you are to be in a duo with two girls, make sure the girls know each other verrrrrryyy well Chemistry between them is as important (if not more!) than chemistry with you and each girl.


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    Fantasies are best left as fantasies ! This was one of mine, I had the opportunity on a couple of occasions, outside this hobby and I am now convinced that one man with one dick can never properly service two women and tow pussies. All I can say is that if this is a fantasy, enjoy the dream. It's like reading a book then seeing the movie, the movie can never measure up.
    " You actually get to choose your friends, family.........well..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by SensualFlight View Post
    It's more what I'd call luck!
    I agree. It was pure luck. I've never had this happen to me since. I call for a girl and two girls show up and i end up seeing them again for nearly a year at the cost of only one girl. How could any hot-blooded man refuse? But chemistry is extremely important as someone noted. The last time i saw one of the girls, she brought a different partner and we didn't hit it off at all. I actually put an end to the whole scenario halfway into it since there was simply no chemistry with the other girl and we were simply going through the motions. As opposed to the girl's first partner (and very good friend), where we were all enjoying being with one another and things just flowed naturally. At times, when the girls would arrive i preferred sitting down and talking for a few minutes while having a beverage. But the girls simply wanted to get into bed (or on the sofa in some instances) and get things going. I didn't object.

    I like to do different things every year when my birthday comes up. This year i'm not sure what i'll do. Once someone suggested i spend time with three women at once. But i'm not as young and in shape (although i'm working on it these days) as i used to be....or motivated. Plus, i'm not as carefree about throwing money around like i used to. Each time i see an sp now serves a purpose. I did go crazy last October when i saw 4 girls in a single day....i hadn't done this type of nonsense in over a decade....but the reason i did it was because a few girls i wanted to see one last time (or for the first time) just happened to be available on my last day in town and i figured i wouldn't be back in Mtl until after the winter. It seemed for a while that that particular day sucked all my libido away for good....until i rediscovered it recently thanks to a girl i had met at a previous party. Yes!!

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    I would not say intimidated, but they are never as good as what your imagination leads you to believe. For me there are few issues:
    - I am more self conscious about how I look when I am in the company of 2 gorgeous women instead of one
    - I always end up liking one more than the other, and as the session drags on I wish I could get rid of the other one but can't quite figure out the best way to do that. It gets worse when the one I want to leave is making out with the one I really like.
    - Girls can be competitive, so I sometimes get one that is really eager and moving things along a bit faster than what I prefer
    - Almost every single provider I had a duo with who claimed to be bi (and reviewed as such), always eventually admitted to being straight. I no longer ask for fully interactive duo and prefer the focus be on me.
    - Never been able to enjoy my most favorite SPs in a duo, even after many attempts of trying to convince them that they would be awesome together.

    Now for the pros:
    - I enjoy BBBJs for an extended period of time and having a duo is a nice way to divide the labor
    - When its 1 on 1 and I am fucking a really hot woman, it has a fantasy feel to it. Its nice don't get me wrong, but having a witness (the second provider) affirms to my subconscious that this is really happening and that its great.
    - 2 women at the same time. Self explainatory

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    I totally agree with you. Duos are usually overrated and more often than not you won't be attracted to one of the two partners....or not as much, which is normal. In the last threesome i had, the girl i was most attracted to asked me who i wanted to fuck first. Of course, i absolutely wanted it to be her. But i didn't want to start playing favorites in order to possibly kill the other girl's mood. So i told them to chose, and she said to the other girl "go ahead and start if you want, i'll go after". Big mistake. I wound up losing my hard-on when it was time to go with the other girl and we had to take a break. I also remember the same thing happening with my first-ever duo, but in that case, i came too i was giving the less-attractive girl 'the business' even before i had a chance to try the girl i really wanted to be with.

    I'll confess that i've never had an interactive duo. That's one thing i'll insist on the next time i have one.

    Duos can be fun when the chemistry is there and you know one another better. But again, considering you double the price most times, for me it's not really worth it since i'm more of a 1-on-1 type of guy. Duos are pretty much strictly for sex. You rarely do anything else. At my age and with my experience, i prefer a combination of getting to know the person first and then eventually moving on to the main event and taking my time. However, when i was supposed to have my first-ever duo with two very high-end ladies, the plan was for us to go out to dinner with drinks first, and then eventually making our way back to my hotel. But as i mentioned in my first post, that duo never happened.

    I think every guy should try a duo at least once just to experience it. I also think that every guy should also try a threesome with another guy (without the swords crossing, of course). I also believe every guy should experience a gangbang or an orgy at least once. You only live once and don't wait until you're too old or no longer have the funds to spoil yourself. When i'm in Mtl, i try to live every day like it's my last. You never know when the next opportunities will come by again or ever come by. Many years ago, i was offered a threesome with two identical twins. Since i hadn't yet experienced a duo, i chickened out. That's a mistake which will haunt me for the rest of my life!

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    Lily from Montreal
    I find duos are difficult to manage and like Doc said too sex oriented.I prefer more interaction in my meetings but there are ways to approach duo to make it a success.

    In the hobby,(in real life it is different), I found that the best is the one where the gentleman do not try to play ''toaster " and try to please both girls but rather let himself be the centre of attention.
    And the girls have to know each other and be into each other.It is not enough to be bisexual,I am bi but is not attracted to all girls so I chose my duo partner carefully.

    For my part the best duo is MFM ,me being in the middle but of course that's for real life..

    Doc? My bucket list is empty lol...I always say I try everything once.
    If only to know it is not for me.That way there is no regrets...

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    J'ai essayé trois genres de duo:
    1)Deux masseuses;
    2)Deux danseuses;
    3)Deux escortes

    Avoir deux femmes qui jouent avec ton corps, pouvoir jouer avec le corps de deux femmes, être pris en sandwich entre deux beautés: WOW!!!!

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    I'm intimidated with a single girl. Imagine with two...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wingmik View Post
    I'm intimidated with a single girl. Imagine with two...
    I am also intimidated with one, however about 15 years ago, I was with someone, and we were doing swapping ( échangisme ) not in a public club, but in private circle, all of the ladies were either bisexuals or bicurious, as for the boys there we are either straight or slightly bi curious, so I tried threesome, foursome and up , once we were seven, 4 ladies and 3 boys, one thing i can say is if i was shy at first, at the end I was not, I remember having a BJ multiple mouths, I close my mouth and enjoyed, because i ha d no clues how many mouths there was and if there were all ladies.
    So duos would not be worst then a single lady, and frankly I find very erotic seeing two ladies together if its not fake too much
    "An army of squirrels is still an army"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mithridate View Post
    I find very erotic seeing two ladies together if its not fake too much
    Yeah! When I watch porn: "Lesbians" is my favorite category.

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