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    france question

    I was recently in France and made arrangements to see a young lady. Upon arrival, she changed her price. Upon hearing that I was upset, but I said, fine. It was late, I'll go for it. However, I had to hit up another bank - which I did. I go to the machine get more cash, and go back to her place. I ring the doorbell, and she says if I have the money, however, it changed again. I was done. I left. she called me at least 10 times asking what happened - the price changed, I said. She told me she was going to call and lodge a complaint - ok, fine. I then get a call from her pimp, I guess. Who basically tells me I need to see her. I said no, she yanked my chain, I don't have time. Of course he threatens me, I say whatever, and move on.

    Is there anyplace she can lodge this complaint? I know the law recently changed in France... any feedback would be helpful.

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    Who would she call? Are you talking about the police? If so, forget that. There is no way she'd get monetary compensation from you. She could theoretically put you in troubles, but she'd have to spend quite a lot of time going to the commissariat, give deposition and getting shit from them in the future. Plus, of course, if she is not french herself... The answer is simple: no there is not.

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    good to hear... what is the commissariat?

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    They are blackmailing you. They would be in more trouble than you if they did go to the police.
    So when will Hillary go to Prison?

    Only the Democrats would have a potential CONVICT as their Top Presidential Candidate. Simply Pathetic

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    France is not Canada, you can't expect police to care. I would punch myself through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by horny4ever View Post
    good to hear... what is the commissariat?
    Police station



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    Never been to France, but I too assume they were trying to blackmail or intimidate you. Probably tried to pull a fast one too because you were a tourist (assuming you're not French).

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    It's a rotten outcome but the scenario is kinda funny at the same time. Reminds me of that swipe swipe swipe for cable services commercial ringing up extra charges for each item. What kind of service would you have gotten? Come in. Swipe$. Want a kiss? Swipe$. BJ? Swipe$. Full service? Huge SWIPE$$$!!! Very sorry to read what happened.

    Strange new law there too. "(CNN) Paying for sex in France is about to get a lot more expensive. France has joined a growing number of European countries that criminalize clients of prostitutes.The French National Assembly outlawed the hiring of prostitutes while eliminating penalties for sex workers. Paying for sex services now carries a fine of 1,500 euros ($1,700). Repeat offenders could be fined up to 3,750 euros ($4,260)." She doesn't get penalized for selling but we can't buy. Weird.

    I would have dumped her at the first increase above the agreed rate. Any sign of a hassle and I say bye bye.

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    I've posted about this a few times here. France is extremely bad when it comes to this hobby. The environment is not permissive, and problems like the ones you faced are very common. Lots of bait and switch as well. And almost always in the incall market. I've hobbied several times in France (I go there frequently for work), but in each instance I did my homework. So far, I have only used a Russian agency that has ladies touring in Paris. In other instances I used a high-end German agency that specializes in the travel-companion end of the market (you fly them in to join you for an extended engagement). If you were in Spain, Germany, or the UK this would not be an issue at all. But France is probably the worst place in Europe to hobby. Its a shame though because Paris is beautiful and the swinger clubs are legendary.

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    Crazy story. I also would have walked at the first increase above the agreed rate. Increasing the rate twice is just testing your weakness.

    Their subsequent threats would appear to be empty, unless you did something stupid by providing a sex worker your personal information?

    You can do the hobby community a favor by posting her name, contact information and where she advertises. Not just here, but on an international board as well.

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    This independent gets fantastic reviews. If I ever get to Paris, I would see her.

    This Russian agency also gets good reviews

    France is obviously not a good budget mongering destination. Spain, Portugal, and Germany blow it away.

    But like any western country, if you do research and open your wallet, all things are possible.

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    Amour-Russe and Olga's Angels are both legit agencies in that the women provide GFE or better, and they are the woman in the photos. However, keep in mind that in that market there is heavy photoshop. Its not so extreme that you can't tell its the girl in the pictures, but it definitely goes right up to the margin of what could be acceptable. The girls were on time and delivered as promised. For outcall there was some sort of taxi fee, but I bet they probably just took the subway.

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    Getting int shit outside the county will cost you big. Any sign of trouble you bail. There are plenty of other choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crocodile Dundee View Post
    Getting int shit outside the county will cost you big. Any sign of trouble you bail. There are plenty of other choices.
    Reminds me of one time I travelled with a young work colleague of mine to Jamaica many years ago. We were detoured from Montego Bay to Kingston by monsoon like weather and upon our arrival at the Kingston airport terminal, we were set upon by a young man who saw that we were obvious tourists. He wanted to sell us some "ganja." My colleague then proceeded to have a long conversation with him about what he was selling and for how much etc. as I watched with great dismay and irritation. As the conversation ended and we departed I said to him, "are you out of your mind?" He was like "hey man I was like just curious." I said "dude, curiousity killed the cat. You wanna spend our vacation inside a Jamaican prison?"

    But Canada, even though it's not my country, I don't feel like it's a foreign country. It sort of feels like home. In France or anywhere else in Europe I would be careful, and probably only use highly approved well reviewed higher end providers.

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    I feel more comfortable mongering in Spain or Portugal than I do in the U.S. or Canada. It is completely legal and the low prices are established up front with either the provider or the brothel, usually directly from advertisements or a menu with prices. I still feel bad that I accepted a 30 euro refund from a lady in Spain that I had prepaid 30 euros extra for Greek and did not do that activity because the BBBJ was so good that I came in her mouth.

    I have not been to Germany or Austria but all the reports indicate that it is also better than North America, and a lot of guys tell me they like it better than Iberia.

    But I do agree with EB about the dangers of the Caribbean.

    One bad habit we all have is to lump all these foreign countries together, when in fact each one has its own culture and laws.

    It is not South America. Colombia, Brazil and Argentina are fantastic mongering destinations. Chile and Peru are not.

    It is not "Europe", each country stands on its own. France and Italy suck for mongering. Germany, Austria, Spain and Portugal are fantastic. Britain and Swizerland are great but expensive. Ireland sucks. The northern countries, such as the Netherlands and Denmark, can be good but the further north you go the harder it is the get uncovered oral. Go to the Nordic countries and it completely sucks. Eastern Europe has a fantastic reputation in terms of quality, but it is much harder for an English-only guy to navigate without hassles from what I have read, and there can be more issues with rip-offs.

    Some of Europe is better than Canada, in every respect - price, service, and legality. Other parts of Europe far worse than Canada.

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