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Thread: what do you prefer? Hot and safe or average and GFE?

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    what do you prefer? Hot and safe or average and GFE?

    What do you guys prefer? Hot sp with safe service (no kiss, cbj and maybe daty) or GFE with average looking sp? I have recently come to my own conclusion that I prefer Pamela who is absolutely hot but gives safe service to an very average looking sp who gives total GFE.

    I changed your thread to include a poll. I guess you are not familiar with the feature yet.

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    Great question, 2fast! Without hesitation, I'd answer a GFE, even if the girl is average looking. Nothing frustrates me more than a very cute girl offering me only a non-GFE service.

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    A hot sp that offers non-gfe services would absolutley starve to death if they depended on my phone call no matter how hot she looks.

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    First Hot and Safe!

    I am the first to vote for hot and safe and here is my rational...I can get average and GFE from my Girlfriends...yes I meant to make that plural! When I go to a bar or party I want and try to get a girl who is HOT...sadly, it doesn't happen enough...and that is what I seek when calling an SP...all part of the fantasy!!!

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    Hot and GFE

    Quote Originally Posted by Daringly
    I would probably give a slight nod to average that provides gfe, but why settle for either one of those options in montreal when there is providers like Miss Samantha(Samy) who is hot, hot,hot and provides a total gfe expeirence.
    Daringly: You took the words right of my...keyboard ! Indeed, why settle for less when you can have both, hot and GFE, with someone like Samy .

    Everyone has his preferences as far as their minimal combination of look, service and attitude. I would not appreciate an encounter, regardless of the services offered, with someone I don't find remotely attractive (I haven't seen someone in recent years I don't put in this category). I can settle for a great looker with CBJ and no-DATY, but it's hard for me to compensate for a no-kiss restriction.

    More than look, it's the personality/attitude that make all the difference to me. Call it great chemistry, perfect match or simply a good "click", but give me that with a decent look, some good French kissing and great FS and I'm fully satisfied. But then, give me the full package with someone like Samy and I'm in heaven.

    Lion Heart

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    que voullez vous je suis gourmand !

    Daringly as raison a propos de samy
    malgre le fait que c'est tres difficile
    de trouver une tres belle fille gfe
    et je dis bien gfe et non g$f$e$
    de ces jours ci mais il y en a il faut juste
    savoir ou chercher !


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    I am half and half on GFE either way. I will never allow a and would prefer not to DFK a girl who gives them regularly. I think a cute, confident girl who gives affectionate services is more than enough, but that`s just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Daddy Cool
    She must provide a GFE and have her hart into it. If not, then it`s a no go no matter how how hot she is. This does not have to be bareback FS. But I at least expect DFK, digits and Daty. or BBJTCIM is a bonus. If not, sorry but I won`t be seeing you next time. I want to feel like I`m with a GF and not an SP. I can also be somewhat of am agressive sex partner and so she better be able to keep up.
    I agree on this post except I want to comments on BBFS. I can`t imagine any girl offering this (and hope they don`t). BDC, is this serious, are there girls offering this???

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    Call me Deion Sanders, BOTH.

    I prefer Hot AND GFE, why would I choose anything else when I can have BOTH?
    "I can picture every move that a man could make
    getting lost in her loving is your first mistake

    Sometimes I think its a sin
    When I feel like I'm winning when I'm losing again"

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    My first reply here and it's the perfect subject for me

    Dear Merbites, I've read your posts for a long moment before I decide to join and share. Thanks to all of you for your informations, remarks, opinions and advises. Many of them were of great profit for me.

    On the specific issue of this survey, I have to tell you that I always prefer woman who love to perform instead of the ones who prefer to show. Thats the main reason why I don't like strip clubs too much. I admit, I prefer action and real hot action more than anything else. For me average and GFE are 95 % of the time better than a real knockout who doesn't deliver GFE. The last 5 % where I prefer the looks are for great occasion (great business deal, etc.) when I usually mix both.

    As an exemple of my normal hobby habitude, I often pick up my SP on networks, like Lavalife, besause many of the SP there practice as semi-pro. They like the money and, for many of them, they like sex even equally ... so the time is great. Bemol: Yes, 1/3 of these women are cute or OK for a great moment, 1/3 are OK if I'm really in need and 1/3 are "no comments" and premature leaving without any play.

    I will come back soon on the subject of "network" with their semi-pro or amateur SP. I have a Kelly in mind that I'd like to talk to you.

    Le Grizzly Bear

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    The semi-pro experience

    Welcome aboard GrizzlyBear,

    Yes, the topic of semi-pros has not been explored very much here to date and I'm interested in hearing about your experiences in that area.
    - Where can they be found?
    - How to recognize them?
    - Is the experience any different than with a pro?

    Naturally, we johns cannot rely on the supply-side of this boad to provide info on the semi-pro experience so there's a dearth of info on that area of the market.

    Also, feel free to write in French as many merbites are francophone or bilingual.

    Mods: could you make a thread out of this?

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    BBFS ?!- I have to tell you, if she`d do it with you, she would do it with someone else too. Don`t let yourself be fooled! It is actually quite similliar to non-SPs who say they never do it without a condom and do it with you... you can be 99% sure, their are decieving you. Lose control? I cannot imagine a time where my sexual excitement outweighs my urge to protect myself.

    Yes, and such have their risk factors, I am aware of them and feel that the risk, versus the pleasure is acceptable... but BBFS just carries so much more risk, not a chance in heck is that gonna happen!


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    How abouth Hot and GFE

    There is a third section missing in this poll . Hot and GFE ... here are a few names i have in mind .

    Erika , Alicia , Oceanne , Christine , Marie France , Ashley , Kim , Caress , Eva , Emelie , Jessie , Maxie ....

    My 2 cents

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    I think that GFE is the reason Montreal is the mecca. No GFE, No repeat business, hot or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corleone
    Something I don’t understand. Carla voted for Hot and safe. Just-ass-weet and naughtylady voted for Average and GFE.
    Do you girls really call a (colleague) SP (man or woman? BTW) when you are in need of sex? Don’t you get enough from your work? Sounds like homework to me.
    Yes, I have called escorts before and no, I don't always get enough from my work. I find seeing an escort can be very exciting and relaxing, and I have seen both Male and Female escorts.


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