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Thread: Better Business Bureau of Quebec?

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    Better Business Bureau of Quebec?

    Is there an agency where I can file a complaint against a Quebec business, apparently the BBB doesn't exist anymore.

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    There is Consumers Choice, but I think they were all scams to make a buck. When BBB was still around, they sold memberships to business. If a consumer had a complaint BBB would mediate ( sort of ) so long as that one consumer got their money back or satisfaction the business kept their membership and pulled in more suckers.

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    Stores only take notice if you hurt them in the pocket. There is a jerk from France that works in the tool department at Reno Depot at the Marche Central. If you ask him a question in English he will answer in French. I complained about him to the manager and I got the polite I will talk to him bull shit. The manager became upset and lost his smirk when I said that I would come back and video the jerk ( secretly ) and put him on Youtube.

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    I'm surprised nobody else could help you in english, specialy at Marche Central.
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    It was not that he was not able to understand me, he was just not willing to speak English. I was there with a friend a last week. I asked her to go ask him for some a box of wood screws with with Robertson heads.. The rat spoke perfect English. I sneaked up on him and asked him where the staples for electric staple guns were. He reluctantly grunted out where they were and my friend and I both trotted off.

    Now that I hear the rat speak, I think he is Quebecois. The arrogant bastardo has a beard and mustache and works in the tool dept. near the rack for boxed screws. Since Lowes has bought Reno Depot this jerk should watch how he treats clients. Imagine if a video of him shows up with him refusing to speak English and other clips of him showing he clearly can speak English. Lowes head office will twist a giant screw up his ass.

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