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Thread: Have you ever gotten emotionally involved with an SP or a client?

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    Question Have you ever gotten emotionally involved with an SP or a client?

    It is a simple fact that you can get emotionally involved with an SP or a client. Let me know if you have gone down this road and how it ended up.



    P.S. I am not talking about platonic dating but real intense love.
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    The sanest thing to do as you part company each time is to say to yourself, "The fantasy is over".

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    I couldn't agree more !

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    One man's experience

    Knowing that I am probably setting myself up for some shots here, I will tell you from experience that falling in love with a SP and for her with you is very possible and can be very real.
    Last year, I fell in love with an SP who is well known to this and other boards. It never bothered me, actually I never gave a thought to what she did prior to our meeting, as a matter of fact, it is how we met.
    I was married, a fact I was open about from day one. I had traveled to Montreal for visits and she would visit me as well. We had gone to Florida together. The talk of spending our lives together was very real.
    One night I told my wife that I was leaving, however my son's who are older threatened to end any relationship with me and I caved. I was not as strong as I thought, and ended up breaking her heart as well as my own. A few weeks past and my love for her was still there and we kept communicating. I did not want her out of my life and she wanted me in hers as well. Shortly afterwards, my son was in an auto accident, which took all of my attention, and unfortunatly, she and I had not been able to see each other for awhile.
    When things on the home front settled down and my son was OK, my wife knew there was nothing there. My heart was elsewhere and I was asked to leave.
    Unfortunatly, the love of my life was back as a SP. It ripped my heart out even more, which from what she says, was her goal.
    It's ironic, when we were together, it never bothered me what the past was, but once you share a deep, mutual love, it's hard to imagine the person you were in love with doing the things with complete strangers, reading all the vivid reviews.
    Oh I have not mentioned that I asked her, since she still professed love for me, to show me, let me stop reading reviews, not to tour, but the reviews kept coming, the touring continued, and her telling me she loved me and wants to be with me continued. All the while my heart kept getting ripped out more and more. Not quite sure how you can say you love someone and continue being an SP. I'm not that liberal, and she knows that.
    So my friend, I would never say, do not get involved with an SP. Because a part of me will always wonder what might have been.
    I met my wife and we fell in love when I was 19. I am not sure if anyone knows what true love is at that age. I was 49 when I met this woman, and it was the best feeling I had ever experienced. Of course, I now live with the worst feeling that I have experienced.
    So, as I said in the begining, I am sure some on this board will take shots at me for my actions, to them I say, take your best, nothing you can possibly say can hurt more than what I have been through.

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    Hey donny brasco,

    Sorry to hear...your heart was broken several times.

    I know it's hard for some ppl, not to fall in love if you think there is a real connection. I just started in this biz and it's hard not to get too much involved...most of the SP's are there to entertain us and some will tell us nice things without meaning them. But, I realized that some connections are real, even if it doesn't mean you'll end up having an outside relation with that person.


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    Donnyb - maybe she was the one who was broken after YOU broke her heart first. Sometimes that is enough to throw a girl over the edge. You don't mention whether she stopped working when she first started seeing you and only returned after you broke her heart. From what I read - she quit while she waited for you to leave your wife and was not working. When you broke her heart she returned.. right?

    That sounds pretty real to me.

    You cannot help who you love, right?


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    Thanks all for your comments. Anik you are right on the mark. I took full blame for breaking her heart. Still do to this day. However, continuing to be in the business and professing to still love me, as I ask for just a sign of not continuing to be a SP, makes no sense.

    I hate my self for the pain I caused her. It is nothing I ever wanted to do as my love ran deep. The pain I have received in return was calculated and thought out. That is not me talking. She told me she got back in the business to cause me pain.

    For months, I have been the one to ask to stop making contact, so that we can both get on with our lives, yet I get the emails and voice messages of loving me and wanting to be with me, as the reviews keep mounting.

    As for the response questioning whether she faked it for money. That I know is not true. You can't look into each others eyes and say I love you and feel it with every fiber and it not be true. This was not a casual thing. We both went to a place where bery few in this "hobby" goes. We got deep into each others personal lives, into each others heart, and each others soul.

    Well anyway, a question came up on this board that hit home with me and I felt I needed to share my experience. With that, I will be ending my part in this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donny brasco
    . However, continuing to be in the business and professing to still love me, as I ask for just a sign of not continuing to be a SP, makes no sense.
    I totally agree with you here - but it probably still is true that she loves you, just that she has not forgiven you. She has found a way that hurts you as much as you hurt her, and until she forgives you, she won't quit. She did that once for you and you turned your back on her... so what motivation would she have? If you want this relationship to flourish, you are going to have to take measures to ensure that she KNOWS that you would never abandon her again. However, at this point, it may be too late... too bad, I love happy endings!


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    It is to late

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. Like Anik, I wish things could have worked out but unlike Hollywood, real life endings are always more complicated and less than perfect. You seem like a very decent guy that found someone he truly loves.

    I will be the first to admit that some SPs are easy to love - in the deep sense of the word. There is something refreshingly honest about these ladies and yes it helps that they are trained in the art of sensuality.

    I am not suggesting that dating or marrying any SP will be rosier than "normal" women but I think their life experiences are a huge bonus. Maybe I am glamorizing them but a lot of SPs have a lot more depth than typical women, which makes it easy to fall in love with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Gonad
    I am not suggesting that dating or marrying any SP will be rosier than "normal" women but I think their life experiences are a huge bonus. Maybe I am glamourizing them but a lot of SPs have a lot more depth than typical women, which makes it easy to fall in love with them.
    I agree...I felt some connections with all of my encounters but some seems more "genuine" and it would be easy for a person such as me to fall in love...which I know I shouldn't do.


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    I would like to thank you all for your comments. At this time I will be saying good by to this board, as it is time to move on and turn the page. I wish you all the best.
    I hate to sound cliche, but to the SP that touched my heart so deeply, I guess we were just two ships passing in the night.
    I truly hope from the bottom of my heart, that you find what you are looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donny brasco
    I truly hope from the bottom of my heart, that you find what you are looking for.

    Same here Donny Brasco...thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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    Thank you GG
    I obviously do not know you, but you seem to be a good man.
    What the hell, my loss is Montreal hobbyist gain. One of your best SP is back

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    Donnie Been there done that. I'm just as guilty as you.

    Like Donnie Brasko I too got involved with a SP.

    I can write about it now. But that's because it's been over eight years.

    I didn't find her on Merb or any other board. I was actually working when I first saw her. I was an A/C and home appliance repair man. I was on the road late just after dinner time on a Saturday. It was mid spring and dusk was already upon us. I had just left a greasy spoon where I had a burger and fry. Stopped at a light I finished off my cola and was just day dreaming and looking around the neighborhood. I had another call to do but wasn't interested in doing it anyways. When I looked over to my left down the street and spotted her. She was petite with medium length dark hair and a tight little body. I was just admiring her ass when I noticed the way she looked at passing cars. It was obvious to me she was working the street.

    It had been a long day and I was tired. I hadn't been in a relationship in about a year. And hadn't gotten any action with a woman in weeks maybe months time went by blurring weeks into months. Suddenly I felt desperate and every car that passed her by made my heart skip a beat. There was no doubt in my mind I would pick her up. And yet I had no idea what she really looked like walking in the shadows of the apartment buildings. But it didn't matter just yet I was too curious. Finally the light changed and I turned the corner and pulled up just past her. I waited putting the van in neutral and releasing the brake pedal. I reached over and unlocked the door when she started my way. I activated the dome light over ride and waited in the dark. She looked into the van at me and I motioned her to get in. And she did and I was not disappointed. She was extremely pretty not gorgeous but very pretty with a natural beauty. We drove off and started the usual small talk. She then directed me to a secluded spot behind a warehouse.

    Not to get into details we hit it off. Almost from the beginning I knew we were having an unusually wonderful time. It was mutually satisfying and to say it was a GFE experience would have been a major understatement. Actually her quip was a hit it on the head. She said to me after the fact when I was paying her, "I should be paying you!"

    Of course I asked her for her number and she handed me a business card. I was shocked and surprised I almost laughed. I've never known a street girl to have business cards. I said to her, "You must be really busy to have made business cards." She smiled and told me it was a regular client who had made her a thousand of them for her as a gift and she had barely any left. Talk about sloppy seconds I thought to myself! But it didn't matter to me. By the time I brought her back to her corner I felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend maybe even a loved one.

    I waited a week before calling her back and she remembered me to my surprise. She told me she was very busy but would love to see me even for only a few minutes. I made my way to a coffee shop as she instructed me. I picked her up in my car and it was like I was seeing the love of my life. She was open and friendly and we hugged and kissed on the lips lightly. I knew it then she had my heart wrapped around her little fiinger. We drove off and stopped in an alley and made love like hungry animals. When it was over I paid her and I took her to her next customer and bid her farewell again. This kind of meeting once a week went on for months. In the mean time she had asked me for my number and I gave it willingly. Soon there after she would call me and would talk for an hour or sometimes just a few minutes between clients. When we got together and made love or just had down right gorilla fuck fests there was no money exchanged. We had crossed the line from hooker and john to lovers. I didn't mind in those early months I worked almost seven days a week and didn't have time for a girlfriend. But having "Annie" as a regular fuck friend and lover was amazing. But it didn't last.

    Soon Annie and I were seeing eachother as often as possible. I started asking her to quit the business. And eventually she did. She moved in with me and turned into a little "Suzy Home Maker" cleaning and cooking and redecorating my apartment. After months of ignorant bliss things changed for the worse. She missed being on the streets. She missed her friends. The other hookers and drug dealers. She was really having a hard time kicking the drug habit and her customers never gave up on her. Calling at all hours of the night for months no matter how many times she told them she quit they never believed her. I told her to get rid of her pager and phone. She couldn't she finally told me she had kids staying with family. Kids she had not seen in years. The family had moved away and didn't tell her where to. The only connection she had with them was the pager and cell phone. Those were the last numbers the family had used and if she changed the numbers her only connection with her kids would be lost.

    Eventually she started lying to me about where she was going or what she did during the day. She was using our apartment as a place of business. She went out on out calls and started getting stoned again more often and eventually she just disappeared for four days. When she got back I was relieved and furious. She had taken off with a customer to the Casino in Hull and he wined and dined her and fucked her brains out. The fighting started and the relationship ended within weeks. But not till she told me she was two or three months pregnant with my kid.

    The last time I saw her we were arguing on the very corner I first picked her up on. She punched me in the face with her tiny fist three or four times as we shouted at eachother in street. I didn't move an inch and just smiled at her knowing then and there that she knew she couldn't bullshit me any longer. It pissed her off even more. She waved down a "john" a regular that I had seen long before we got serious. I said to her I would never forget her and to take care of the baby, this time. She gave me a long angry sad look and climbed into the grey Suburban and I never saw or heard from her again. It broke my heart but not then but several weeks later when I realized that she would never call me or answer my calls or pages. I missed her.

    I had started working at a restaurant to fill the emptiness. After a long day on the road I drove to the restaurant and worked till closing. Then went to my empty apartment and slept five hours then back on the road fixing appliances and peoples air conditioners. One evening after parking my car in front of the restaurant a tow truck pulled up in front of me. I thought he was going to ask me about my car because it was a fairly rare model. He only wanted to confirm my name and then he told me I had a son and that "Annie" was fine and with him now. He said to me that she's back off the streets and trying to clean up again. He knew who I was because Annie rode in the tow truck with him so he could keep an eye on her. And everytime they went past the restaurant she would point out my car and tell him that I was the father. So he thought it was important that I should know I have a son with the whore. I thanked him and shook his hand and sadly told him I never want to see or hear about Annie or the baby any more. He understood. He could see the pain in my eyes and asked me if I wanted to know the baby's name. I refused and walked into the restaurant.

    Luckily for me I worked with a bunch of great, wild and wonderful guys. My boss was planning on coming out with the kitchen knife because he thought the tow truck was there to take my car away. The others laughed and joked about it and I hadn't more than a few seconds to feel sorry for myself. It wasn't easy to get over her but when you see life still goes on no matter how shitty you feel...well there's only one thing left to do and that's enjoy life as much as possible. Though I still look around for Annie and hope one day I'll see my son and see he's happy and healthy I still go on. I've locked many ghosts away in my closet and keep it hidden from everyone that to see me would never know. But at night my mind betrays me while I try to sleep with the ghosts from my closet haunting my dreams and creating nightmares that wake me...

    Donnie I think I can relate to your experince. It's hard for people to understand why we fell for SP's. But then again love isn't a one sided story. And we've only read one side of the story, so far.

    Triton; Feb. 15, 2006
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