so i get there not ready wait for 20 mins
i get to the door shes young and attractive. im like yes finally jack pot HELL NO >
she takes her top off only leaves yoga pants on 120 fee takes it right away
so she lays me down and starts a hand job with condom on. i was patiantlywating for the mouth to help out and nope so i ask im not sure ill be able to fit inside you. thats where the hammer came down ., no full service
so i ask what about bj , nope dont do that eaither for 120 so i said how much. then shes like not doing fs today but tommorrow if you come back for 180 i will . yup no thank you

so i ask if her friend can at least come out and help for the other 20 i have to make it 140 and she like no that would be another 120 lol lol dude im so pissed so i made her wack me off untill i cum , no cob. nothing only hj and so not into it either.

this is makayla

her firend in the bath room from what she said was the same options and prices pure robbery