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Thread: Exchange rate keeps on going lower...

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    Exchange rate keeps on going lower...

    For those in the U.S. this situation has probably been looked at more closely than those residing in Canada. At a buck thirteen the hourly rate of an escort who charges 180cad is almost 160 us dollars. Thats a pretty big jump when you consider it was under 130 several months ago and at its low of 112 several years ago.

    If your close to Montreal and a quick cross the border trip is feasable, 160 is reasonable. However, if your paying 400 or so to fly to Montreal im sure some are second guessing a trip. And if your planning on seeing someone without reviews, your taking a much larger gamble than before.

    So a bit of a breakdown...basically 2.66 us dollars per minute of fun. Factor in the token bathroom time before and after and your looking at 3.55.

    Now if your a true hobbiest, and have the extra cash (around 300 more) to fly to Germany to check out the FKK scene your looking at an average of 1.47 us dollars per minute for an hour....and some clubs even offer it as low as 1.1 us dollar per minute. Plus you get to meet the girl before hand, usually nude so your not suprised when the 'knock' comes at the door.

    But i'll admit, its more of a pain to fly to europe than Montreal. But the numbers dont lie...the cost of both trips is pretty damb close. Any lower and id have to limit my outcall experiences when in montreal to one every two days.

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    I have some local favorite SPs in Maryland, but at a minimum of $250 plus concerns about LE, Montreal is still a better deal, even if it means I have to travel up there.

    Any agencies at home are incall, which I've done before, but makes me feel nervous. Outcall makes me feel safer, but there is really only one outcall agency in my area, and some months, like now, they just don't have anyone that's worth it.

    Until I get some assurances that LE heat has died down in the US, Canada may be my only alternative.

    Europe, with airfare and hotel, is simply too expensive to make regular trips.

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    Montreal a bargain

    Quote Originally Posted by bond_james_bond
    I have some local favorite SPs in Maryland, but at a minimum of $250 plus concerns about LE, Montreal is still a better deal, even if it means I have to travel up there.
    I would have to heartedly agree, Montreal is a bargain hunters playground. With SP's charging 250-350 in the US with many restrictions and the threat of a purtanical ambush I just don't want to chance it. People say Montreal is slumly obviously they never driven through Chicago or Gary IN. Yes it might cost 500 to set a hotel but it's gonna cost a lot more if you busted.

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    The best of both worlds

    If you're a frequent flyer like I'm you can get double miles for every trip so in effect, for every two trips to Europe from the East Coast you get a free ticket to Montreal !
    A demander: une cochonne Quebecoise ou Allemande avec qui le sol se derobe sous mes pieds!

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    I travel to DC and other areas of the US - man, Montrealers will never understand how wonderful they have it! You can meet wonderful sweet ladies for less than 200$cdn, you don't have the LE worries like the US guys do, you get VERY liberal services, you have the ultimate beauty of the French Canadian girls as well. On top of that, you don't go through the screening that US guys are used to.

    Yes, the exchange is not as great as it has been in the past, but Montreal is still a wonderful place to visit, especially in the summer!


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