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Thread: Dealing with anticipations

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    Wink Dealing with anticipations

    Alright, I have set up an encounter with a special lady later this week and I find myself violating my own rule of thumb: never have any expectations before meeting someone, this way you can't possibly set yourself up for disappointment if it doesn't go well.

    Every email I get from her makes me realize just how special she is. I have read outstanding reviews on her, typically discussing how gorgeous she is, her great services and her wonderful personality. Even though I have not met her, I find myself pulled in by her personality, which is by far the most important thing to me. Every email just gives me a little glimpse and makes me yearn for more - a lot more.

    I have to ask all of you, how do you deal with your anticipations? I guess it is a slow week at work because I am usually too tired to think or anticipate. But lately, every time I go to bed, I think about her. I worry about how to make her feel special and I hope we'll get along.

    How do you all deal with your anticipations? Is it easy to block someone out of your mind, especially if it's the first time? Do you find it hell to wait a week or a month for someone you eagerly want to meet?

    Sometimes I wonder if spontaneity is better, this way your anticipations do not drain you and leave you flat as a pancake when you finally meet up with that special someone.

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    And who is that lucky lady?

    Personally, I changed my tactics because of all the hype that can be created by merbytes. I NO LONGER set my hopes very high so that I'm not dissapointed when the door opens.

    I set them low and them enjoy the moment when the lady is stunning (by my standards) and delivers the goods.

    When I see a pic with the face unblurred, I go for it and fantasize about the meeting before D-DAY with some mental notes.

    That's what's waiting for me tomorrow nite....

    A sucker is born every NY minute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CryWolf
    And who is that lucky lady?

    Wouldn't you like to know? All in good time...BTW, I also like it when I can see their faces. The eyes are very revealing and tell a lot of a woman. I have met many SPs whose faces did not match what I expected. Anyways, have fun tomorrow night and tell us all about it once you catch your breath. I promise that I will. Or maybe I will keep it to myself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10-4Roger
    I would cancel the date and fix another one later, you will see the reaction, probably you will have a different picture after..
    I never cancel unless an emergency comes up. I can assure you that I am able to function and excel at work. This is simply a fantasy come true for me and I am a little anxious.

    BTW, roughly six weeks ago, I was looking forward to meeting another goddess that rarely gets mentioned on the boards. She is an SP who does this part time. She is beautiful, cultivated and very, very sweet. (I will not reveal her because we did not below).

    We called each other, spoke over the phone about our interests, sent each other a bunch of emails and when D-day came I was really, really eager to meet her.

    We had set up a lunch date and my cell phone ran at work once at 11:00, which I found odd since I told her that I would call her at 11:45. I hop in the cab at 11:45 and call her and she is freaking out because she got her period that morning ("It wasn't supposed to happen since I am on the pill"). She told me she hotmailed me but suspected that I do not read my hotmails at work, which I never do. At this point, she is profusely apologizing and I am in a daze or state of shock. I was so much looking forward to meeting her. I told her no worries, I understand, and I will try contacting her later.

    But when I got to the hotel, I was way too horny and needed to quelch my libido. I get into the computer room and start frantically researching whose available during the day. I call Celine, nobody is available. I call about 5 indys and no answer. Finally, I remembered Michelle of ClassXXX and called Mike to see if she was available.

    Luckily for me, Michelle was available and was a sweetheart:

    She works and does this on the side. She was sweet, sensitive and we had a great time. I salvaged the day, somewhat. I still wanted to see the other lady. I had her in my mind, not Michelle.

    I emailed the original lady back the following day and told her about what I did and she told me that she understood. Recently, I tried contacting her but she is not responding. Someone who knows her told me she travels a lot. She might be mad because of what I did. Who knows. All I know is that she is among le creme de la creme in Montreal and one day, I hope to meet her.

    Please do not PM on who she is.


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    Slippery Slope?

    Hey GG,

    From what I read, the SP is an indy and you are slowly and surely falling for her

    You are tearing a page from your own thread "SLIPPERY SLOPE, my friend.

    PS: if I were in the same situation, I would never have told the first SP what I did after the cancellation unless you were "fishing" for her reaction.

    A sucker is born every NY minute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CryWolf
    PS: if I were in the same situation, I would never have told the first SP what I did after the cancellation unless you were "fishing" for her reaction.

    I wasn't 'fishing' for her reaction. It was, however, stupid of me to tell her. She told me that she appreciated my honesty but I felt like a jerk for telling her (It was a dumb way of venting my frustrations). I mean, I lucked out with Michelle, but my mind was on the other one. And you're absolutely right, she is the type of woman that can make any man slip down that slope of love!

    One day, I hope I get the chance to meet her.


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    Hey GG,

    My review of my Tuesday's nite date is coming up, as promised.

    I was too exhausted to post my review.

    A sucker is born every NY minute.

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