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Thread: US Cellphone Service in Montreal

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    US Cellphone Service in Montreal


    Heres my issue: Id like to go to Montreal for a long weekend, but I cant tell my girlfriend (Im telling her Im visiting a buddy in Maryland). However, I have to call her on the phone, and she has caller ID. I am from New Jersey and my wireless provider is Sprint and I have a basic LG phone. Im not sure if I will get service in Montreal or not. Has anybody else with Sprint service based in the USA gotten service in Montreal? Also, would there be a way to call from my hotel (perhaps even with a calling card) and disguise my number (like *59 or something like that). Yeah, I know this is a little shady, but I think my GF knows what Montreal is about, and I dont want to tell her I am going there. Thanks, guys.

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    *67 plus the number will block the call.

    I have the Cingular North American plan, on which you can call anywhere in the USA, Canada or Mexico for $59.99 a month. You get 500 weekday minutes, 1,000 weekend plus weekday after 9:00 p.m., and get to roll over your unused minutes.

    If you don't have this service you will get nailed with expensive roamer charges, when in Montreal.
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    Sprint phones do work in Montreal very well, my friend has one and I was up there with him just a few months ago. It will get perfect reception, but you are internationally roaming at that point, so the charges are pretty steep. Just to keep it on costs you nothing, but to make and receive calls it will cost about $0.65 a minute US dollars. Also, these roaming charges will most likely show up on your monthly statement, so your girl might see it on there if she is a big snoop. But, it would show your US number on the Caller ID and she would not know you were in Canada.

    Or you could get a little crazy and use something like, I guess camophone is going out of business or something. Pretty much for a few bucks they can make any phone show a faked caller ID. However, if your girl calls you back at the number on the Caller ID you won't actually be there to answer it.

    Hope this helps. Be carefull, a jealous woman is something nobody wants to get on the wrong side of.


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    I have a Sprint phone and it works just fine in Montreal... Roaming charges, obviously. But outside of that it works without a problem.

    I also have friends that have Verizon & Cingular and they both work as well.

    Just keep the calls short and you shouldn't have a problem.
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