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Thread: Frustrating experience posting a thread

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    It took me forever to post my review of Gabrielle Luv. I wrote it three times! Why? Because if you take too long, you have to sign in again, and then if you hit the back button to submit your thread one too many times, you lose it when you hit the forward arrow.

    You have to copy your thread before signing in again or risk losing it all. Has this ever happened to you writing up a long review?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Daringly
    When i was writing my reviews about my time with Samy, it also happened to me. If you take to long i guess it times out and you lose your review. It is very frustrating.
    Daringly, I felt like punching the computer! I was took me forever to write my first review and I lost it! Now I know for future reference to hit <control a> (select all) and <control c> (copy all) before signing in again.

    Thank god it didn't happen during my review of my time with Samy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by b_cup_lover
    GG, whenever you have to put up a rather long post ,why not do it with Word and then copy and paste it, when ready to post.
    Word? And risk having some backup file stored in my computer? No way.


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    Quote Originally Posted by b_cup_lover

    Big time!!!

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    GG, just use notepad. It doesn't make backup files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techman
    GG, just use notepad. It doesn't make backup files.

    Thanks, I will do that.


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    Strange - a couple of times I got a timeout message when I hit 'submit', and thought I had lost the post, but it appeared anyway.

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    I have had similar experiences. Now before I hit post I select all and copy first. After it is posted I just clear my clipboard. No worries.

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    Talking Use NOTEPAD

    That's what I often do.
    Start, Run, Notepad, [ENTER]

    No trace at all in the computer.

    *very* useful for posting the exact same message in more than one board/forum *ahem* I don't do that *cough*
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    Sometimes I simply write the long text in my email as a new message (that I never send), copy and then paste. Never failed, no trace.

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