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Thread: nude waitress restaraunts

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    nude waitress restaraunts

    What is the deal with these places I have been to le princess on hochelaga some of these girls are really good looking,theyalso have there own web site with pictures of the chicks half naked.I spoke to one girl who was also working at solidgold and she told she was making the same amount of money she makes at solidgold.I always got the feeling that maybe there is more going on.

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    Restaurant to Recommend

    My personal favourite is Restaurant Les Courtisanes at Ste-Catherine and Frontenac, near the Frontenac bus garage.
    The food is actually quite good in and of itself, reasonably priced, and the girls tend to be a 6.5 to 7.5 on the looks scale. What makes the place stand out, though, is the warm welcome one receives from the owner, Pierre Duquette. Of special culinary interest are the ribs, as enjoyed daily by my buddy Henri.

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    ducky I have gone to this place for breakfast at around 8:00am and they wear that scarf around there waist almost like a belt with there bald beavers in full view.

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    Les Courtisanes is at the corner of Ste-Catherine and Frontenac.

    Les Princesses is south of the Big O, on Hochelaga, just east of Viau.

    Prices are very reasonable at both restaurants. The food is better at Courtisanes, and the eye candy is usually better (although a bit more covered) at Princesses.

    I am unaware of any similar establishments on Papineau.

    Oliver, you should take a look. It's an interesting experience.

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    Unhappy Wasn't impressed

    I went to Les Courtisanes last week after reading some of the earlier reviews and I was rather disappointed. IT was like a truck stop casse-croute, very French-Canadian (which I was hoping would mean hot french canadian girls), but I guess I went at the off-peak hour because almost no one was inside but a few truckers, and the waitress was a 30-something woman, only a 6 at best on the looks scale, fully nude except for a see-through apron, friendly enough but definitely a let down from teh high hopes I had for the establishment.

    Good food at a cheap price though I would never go back... Maybe next time I'll try Les Princesses...
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    nude lunch

    I tried the princess and found it quite laid back and ok.
    I like the scarves that hide nothing.
    I can't see how the girls make more than at solid gold.
    but they were pretty cute.
    food was ok.

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    I went there this morning for breakfast have not been there in awhile 4 girls on hand 3were really good looking,food was o.k. place was packed.

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    This thread brought back a lot of memories. I worked in the Viau/Hochelaga area in the late seventies and early eighties.

    At that time, there were several topless restaurants, particularly the hot dog joints. I went to most of them for lunch - once. I'd order my "deux stimés, des frites, p'is un Pepsi", and be served by a topless woman, usually with a very ordinary face at best, saggy tits and some flab around her waist. The overwhelming majority of the waitresses wouldn't have drawn any attention if they walked by, fully dressed, on the street.

    It sounds like not much has changed, except now, we get to see their pussies. Hmmm, naked everywomen and so-so food - next time I'm in Montreal, I think I'll pass.
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    I went to Les Princess Oliver.
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