I am coming up from downunder (no not Australia.. although i wish i was since we got Bush over here ) ..

this is my first trip to your lovely city and i have been reading all about the action .. here in US we got a TER board and it is fairly good.. but the action is not or does not seem to be as hot as Montreal .. also God for the rates i have seen some of these agencies offer.. for an hour in US.. i can get two up there.. so guess what.. i am on the way

I am not sure on any of the rules of the game in the local market so i thought I ask from my fellow hobbiest up north..

I like to stay at 4 or 5 star hotels.. and have found a few but would they restrict access to the ladies when i try to get them to come to my room? the rumors down here is that all of this stuff is legal up there.. god bless you guys if it is so.. but can someone let me know before i get myself into potential trouble..

which hotels do you guys recommend that is

a. 4 or 5 star
b. provider friendly..

to be honest with you i am so excited about those rates.. i will be ordering in (so to say) every other hour or until my Mr. Happy falls off :-)

thanks in advance