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Thread: tipping at massage parlours

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    tipping at massage parlours

    Hey everybody!

    I have a short question.. When a guy visits a mp, takes all the options (let's say for +-80$), does the lady expect a tip on top of that?

    Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't... but I'd like to know what the guys do in general...

    I have always wondered..

    Have a nice day!!


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    In my opinion, the options are a "tip" .. hence I wouldnt consider extra tipping, unless I really have had an unusual time or experience beyond my expectation.


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    I agree with Xpassion.
    Try everything in life at least once, except incest & maybe square dancing.

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    cept at independant Massuese. Prices usualy include the HJ, other services may be extra.

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