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Thread: Updated Montreal SP awards.

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    Updated Montreal SP awards.

    Feel free to add to the list guys.

    Most beautiful face-Carmen(Satin Dreamz) who i find to be drop dead gorgeous with Caress from Devilish a close second.

    Best Breasts- Chanel(Devilish) who has the nicest rack that i have ever seen and the amazing thing is that they are enhanced(excellent job by the surgeon).

    Best Tush- Carmen, she has a nice curvy J-Lo type ass that is truly amazing, people who have seen it know what i am talking about.

    Most pleasant SP
    - Samy(independant) gets the nod here, she is the only SP that i have ever been with were i did not feel like i was with a SP, a very pleasant lady to be with, i will never forget the time she kissed me goodbye in the hallway of le chablis in front of a couple of elderly painters who were painting and i am sure were thinking(what a lucky bastard), the look on their faces was priceless, i will member that moment forever and i laugh every time i think about it.

    Most fun SP- Madison(Devilish), i found her goofy positive attitude outstanding, she is the type of SP that you would like to see if you are having a bad day , a real blast to be with and who quickly made me forget about the bad day that i was having.

    Best - Chanel(Devilish), nice slow wet and sensuous just the way i like it, once she wraps those lips around your throbbing pecker the feeling is euphoric.

    Horniest Sp- Tie between Madison and Caress(devilish), man these girls love their job and it shows, they almost killed me with their energy and i was afraid that i was not going to make it out alive.

    Best Dfk- Madison with Caress a very close second or maybe dead even with Madison, these two could give courses on how to DFK.

    SP that i have never tried but would like- Rebekka Anderson(French Kiss), that picture of her on the French kiss sight with the black dress has me salivating, outside of montreal it would have to be Nina Hartley, at $2000.00 per hour she is way out of my league but if i ever hit it big in the lotto she is the first sp that i am seeing.

    SP that i would like to marry- Samy and Carmen(both of them at the same time ), i have dreams of walking down Ste Cathrerine side by side holding shopping bags with these two gorgeous babes but the sad thing is that it is only a dream.

    Best stable- Devilsh, French Kiss could get the nod here but i do not know if you consider them a agency as they are made up of independants.

    Most pleasant owner to talk to- Celine(Celines fantasies), i almost hung up on her when i first talked to her because i thought that i was talking to a little kid.

    Best Place to bang a SP
    - No doubt about it Le Chablis wins hands down, it has nice clean inexpensive rooms that you can rent for a 4 hour block which is perfect for a SP date, it is my home away from home and the only negative thing has been the clerks at the front desk who have a attitude problem and are jealous because they see all these men coming in to get laid by these beautiful gorgeous women, but that seems to have changed for the better lately.
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    My Best SP Awards

    Best overall SP/Best sweetheart : Samantha (indy)

    Best DFK/Best FS/Best Massage Hands : Mia (FKS)

    Best : Bianka (indy)

    Best Face/Tush : Rebeka (FKS)

    Best Breasts (naturals, enhanced don`t count) : Béatrice (FKS)

    Best Legs : Victoria (FKS)

    Lion Heart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lion Heart
    Best overall SP/Best sweetheart : Samantha (indy)

    Lion Heart
    I put her in a league of her own but I also recently met up with another amazing young lady that I cannot reveal yet. Nonetheless, Samy is a genuine sweetheart with exceptional service and sincere charm. She deserves to be recognized as the "best overall SP/ best sweetheart". If there were more women with Samy's attitude and sex appeal, hobbying would drain all of our finances.

    One more category that I would add even though she is shy and doesn't like publicity:

    Best incall: Catherine Valmont, a real lady that oozes class from head to toe. She doesn't accept incalls on first dates but if you meet her, you'll know exactly what I am talking about. Along with Samy, I would repeat with her in a flash. She is in her late thirties and extremely sensual but don't expect anything - let the magic of chemistry works its wonders.

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