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Thread: IS this new ? outcall = downtown only with Eleganza ?

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    IS this new ? outcall = downtown only with Eleganza ?

    Weird thing happened when calling eleganza.
    They told me they dont give service if you are not downtown ? My location was about 15 min from downtown (near the big mountain and you dont even have to take the highway from downtown).

    I was quite surprised. This is the first time I heard of this. And I was planning on going on a eleganza splurge (like 1 meeting every night during my available time which should last around 1-2 weeks).

    reasons given: I refused 1 girl a year before based on looks which is a very subjective thing. I argued that yes I did refuse one girl before but I did meet multiple times with eleganza girls with no problem a year before. Then 2nd reason was given: They dont have enough drivers and driving even slightly out of downtown would take too much time and not be efficient to their operations.

    Anyway it is pretty disappointing from a top agency like Eleganza. So if you are in montreal but not downtown, you are out of luck. So now Outcall should be called Downtown Only with Eleganza ?

    They did tell me to try again on sunday and monday. I'll try again but still pretty disappointing. I hope they will be more accomodating the next time I call. I think 1999-2000 was so good here in montreal, customer service wise + quality of SP + reasonable price, and its going downhill ever since.
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