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Thread: Live eXXXpressions: Sex Workers Stand Up in Montreal!

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    Live eXXXpressions: Sex Workers Stand Up in Montreal!

    Sex Workers Stand Up in Montreal!
    The book and the movie are now available.


    is a compilation of the presentations, discussions and perspectives of the 250 sex workers who came from around the world to meet in Montreal from May 18 to 22, 2005 during Forum XXX.

    Forum XXX was also a great moment to celebrate Stella's 10th anniversary and retrace the sex workers rights movement's history.

    The book is divided into four (4) parts, each one representing a special moment during the Forum XXX.
    The work is completed by a fifth section called "From the Forum, with Love". These are illustrations, press clippings and other sometimes silly mementos left by activists, sympathizers and allies during their stay in Montreal.

    The Short (15 minutes) summarizes our discussions, our requests and our concerns regarding fundamental rights.

    To get you own book and/or short movie! (CD)
    There are two ways: you can either contact Stella (514-285-8889) or download them. The book and the CD are available for $7.00.
    To download it all for free go to:
    A little lower on the page, we mention eXXXpressions, and you'll see a line written in red showing where to click to download the document!

    It's beautiful! It's moving! It's instrustive!
    It's who we are!

    Enjoy the read.

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    Very cool!

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