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Thread: Ticketmaster/Evenko - Ticket Rip-Offs

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    Ticketmaster/Evenko - Ticket Rip-Offs

    How do they get away with continuously ripping off the consumer? They have the concert market covered so you have no choice but to purchase through them. Ticketmaster lost a $400 million class action lawsuit 2 years ago for ripping off the consumer. How did they settle it? By giving out vouchers to anyone who had purchased tickets the previous ten years. Of course you had to prove you had purchased tickets and the vouchers were for shows at random venues in selected states for specific acts with slow ticket sales such as KIDZBOP.

    Now their latest scam is fan verification pre-sales. You need to sign up and give personal information along with e-mail address. According to Ticketmaster this is meant to stop scalpers from getting all the good tickets. Yeah right! So Paul McCartney tickets go on sale at Centre Bell and on the day of the pre-sales all tickets are gone in 5 minutes. But not really. On the same Evenko site that showed all tickets sold out in 5 minutes, you could still purchase Official Platinum Seats from Evenko at double the face value.

    And what about the fan verification to prevent scalpers? It doesn't stop the scalper if the scalper is the original ticket seller. Oh and what will the agency do with your name and e-mail address. Would it surprise you if they sold that information to other marketers?

    It's not just Canada and the U.S. that has this problem. Concert goers in England have the same problem with Ticketmaster and their partners.
    Anyone else experience similar problems?

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    GaryH, I buy cheaper from Stubhub ! Not the finest tix, but it does the job.

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    In the US you have an app call Seatgeak, bunch of youtubers are plugging it as sponsors. You should check it.

    Now the big problem when it comes to concert is how big the artist is. It sucks that guys like Metallica and Paul Mccartney have peoples scalping the tickets. I still remember my first (and only) show to Metallica i paid 300$ for my floor ticket while it was worth around 150$ (on the ticket) but i was late minute, had an unexpected money income so i decided to go.

    Thanksfully for me, most of the bands i love usually don't sold out and tickets are rather easy to buy. Amaranthe, Cradle of Filth etc

    Only time in recent memory i just couldn't attend was Nightwish in Quebec City, not only was it sold out months in advance but on top of that it was pretty much impossible to even get tickets by scalpers. But i never understood why they choose the capitol theatre. Its a fun place, been there a few times, but its small... When i saw Nightwish in Quebec (during Anette Era) it was at the pavillon de la jeunesse, its a hockey rink so much bigger.

    Anyway had to wait til they came to Montreal like a year later or so. Then i could get ticket no problem.

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    Surely the concert tickets are under priced ? The real market price must be the price paid to scalpers ??If they were sold legitimately to the public at the prices that scalpers charge then the promoter and bands would benefit ., not the scalper /

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