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Thread: On Sps and eating disorders

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    On Sps and eating disorders

    Hello Merbites,

    I am an Sp for one of the agencies here, and what many would characterise as a "spinner". Two years ago I recovered from Anorexia nervosa and sought treatment, staying in a recovery program for several months. I lasted on 500 calories thinking I was fat ( I am 21 now and was at the time 5"4 85lbs, which as you know is severly underweight.

    I am not going to reveal my identity and if some of you pm me. I will not respond, but I want you to know that the comments you say can have a serious impact on the lady you are reviewing. As I am reading some " reviews" of ladies I notice things like " she had a large stomach" she gained 2 pounds and or 5, she was overweight etc. You have no idea who may be suffering from an eating disorder and who may read that and take it the wrong way, relapse etc. You may inadvertly but someones health at risk simply for making harsh comments on her body.

    Have respect for the girls you never know who may be in recovery, suffering from bulimia, anorexia nervosa, binge eating. I almost died because of this and it breaks my heart when I read the comments about weight gain in the review sections especially when its directed at a spinner, or curvy(who are actually curvy) are called fat. That goes for calling womens breasts saggy, calling women wrinkly etc.

    Be kind and thoughtful and respectable to your service provider and take a long look in the mirror

    sorry my first language is not english.

    From a spinner Sp

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    I hope you are now feeling well and getting the help you need.

    These type of ailments unfortunately are rarely helped even by comments of how beautiful or gorgeous you are as it is the individual that has a certain perception of themselves that drives their destructive lifestyle and eating habits.
    Criticism, I agree does not help but it is not the deciding factor, Princess Diana suffered from anorexia and I am sure there was an ample supply of people telling her that she was gorgeous.

    I agree with you that there are reviews that could be way more tactful and there is no need to shame anybody, most times there are photographs available so it should not be so difficult to pick someone that is your choice of body type, unless of course these photos are several years old.

    Having said all this, unfortunately like modelling, this is a profession where physical appearance is usually the first requirement when choosing and as such will always be criticized, especially on a review board.
    It is a tough choice to make in life and should be the last profession on anybodies list if they suffer from self esteem, anorexia and these type of issues.

    We all have our preferred body types, I prefer someone that is not a spinner, tall, has nice curves, works out and takes care of her self.
    As far as looking in the mirror, yes, that is why we pay an SP.

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    There are as many guys looking for curvier women as there are guys looking for spinners.

    Just like statistically as many guys want smaller natural breasts as guys who want large, enhanced breasts.

    The problem, as Sam21 alluded to, is the existence of older photos and the tendency to photoshop too much.

    Blame the accuracy of escort photos, not the reviews.

    There are probably some guys who are more likely to book a particular escort if she is described as having gained 10 pounds if they feel the pic shows someone thinner than they wanted.

    But for the guys wanting a spinner and who is depicted as a spinner in the picture, the information provided in the review is very valuable, also.

    Another key is to quit trying to please everyone, since we are all different and want different things. That is a better strategy than trying to make every review a generic heap of praise with no details.

    And try to get agencies to update photos often and do less photoshopping. I am more likely to book a lady with twitter videos since they are more difficult to photoshop.

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    Sadly, I have a little experience with anorexia. Years ago, one of my relatives died from it. She had always been slim and I don't believe that anybody had, ever in her life, described her otherwise. At the end, despite having been confined for treatment at a hospital on multiple occasions for months each time, she still saw herself as fat, but evaluated others normally.

    More recently, I met an SP who was slim and athletic. She became anorexic. Merb comments cannot be a factor as her appearance has been described exclusively favorably here. She told me that she was ashamed of her illness. She has been in treatment and has returned to work, but hasn't regained her former healthy weight.

    I have met many overweight women who derisively describe spinners as "skinny minis", regard themselves as beautiful "real" women and have no intention of making any effort to reduce their weights. My own weight fluctuates between slim and slim + 20 lbs. My friends and family aren't shy about pointing it out when I'm at the top of my range. I suppose that I'm lucky that I'm not among the relatively rare men who develop eating disorders. Their comments inspire me to reduce my food intake and exercise more.

    I know an SP who simply refuses to look at her reviews here as she often finds them unfair or otherwise annoying. (For example, a client who wanted to lick her face wrote she didn't provide GFE.) I have noticed that many reviewers tell far more about themselves than the person they are ostensibly describing.

    SPs are always going to be judged on their appearance. Agencies are always going to mislead us with camera angles, old pictures, false descriptions etc. Merb has no little value to most of us clients if reviews sugarcoat. We all occasionally meet rude, critical and verbally abusive people and must learn to refrain from letting their negativity affect our self images.

    I believe anorexia is a disease of the brain. I don't believe that anybody yet knows for certain what triggers it. My point, "weararethenight", is that it is simplistic to imagine that it is triggered by comments on an escort review website. The vast majority of models and actresses are far slimmer than average. Pick up any magazine and you'll see photoshopped pictures of perfect bodies which never existed. Most women compare themselves to such images. My friend asks me to read her reviews for her and I refrain from reporting that which will put her in a bad mood. It's unacceptable to be insulting, but mentioning that an SP has gained a significant amount of weight is relevant information for many of us. Sensitive people shouldn't read their reviews or have someone filter them.

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    It is the stop and go nature of the biz, that is why you never see female cops that are svelte.

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    Ms. Wearerethenight, as Sam and Patron have aluded too, the critical appraisal of SP’s on this board will not stop. It’s unfortunate but it’s the reason for this web site and sometimes criticism can be very acrimonious for which I am sorry for.
    The only help I can relay to you is to stop reading this board, erase it from your history and favorites. It’s not necessary medium for the majority of SP’s who do not advertise on this board. I hope this is your case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wearethenight View Post
    reading some " reviews"
    This pretty much goes for any review, social media post, etc. If it's going to upset you, don't read it.

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