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Thread: Using a Merb Handle for Discounts

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    Using a Merb Handle for Discounts

    I am curious here... for other big national boards, like TER and TBD, paid members or VIPs are given discounts with many ladies (myself included)... I know many of you here are paranoid about giving out handles for fear that you may receive preferential treatment (oh, horror!) but that really isn`t a concern on the other boards. I honestly don`t see the problem with giving people preferential treatment, we do it without merb handles too. We do it when we see a regular client over a new one, a new client with many references over one with only one, when we already know the person and can cut straight to the stuff we like, over a person we need to discover.

    Personally, I don`t necessarily "like" knowing someones handle, but it does help me screen out the bad apples much more easily... I have considered adding a discount, but is there a way to see a) how long the person has been a member and b) if the person is a paid member or not?

    Thanks for the information

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver kloseoff
    ive had many agencies offer me girls for free
    to me i could not accept this and post a honest review
    i dont care about a few hundred dollars.
    I am not talking about a freebie, nor am I referring to hundreds of $$ - I am talking about 25$ or something to that effect. Certainly, this is not in return for a review either. There is even a space on TBD for advertisers to announce their discounts that are offered to paid TBD members, and TER has a PM program that is disabled unless you are a paid or reviewing member (some are not even posters or reviewers, they are just members that paid to read the reviews)... that was part of my question.

    I don't get the offering freebies thing, though when I have majorly flaked on someone I might do so... we have to respect each other and a clients time is just as important as my own.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Just-ass-weet
    I have considered adding a discount, but is there a way to see a) how long the person has been a member and b) if the person is a paid member or not?
    Click on their user handle right beside someone`s post, and choose "View public Profile". As for paid members, their handle is RED.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gentle2her
    Click on their user handle right beside someone's post, and choose "View public Profile". As for paid members, their handle is RED.
    Ah, that is what is up with the RED handles - gosh I am slow!! I still don't see the member date though... is it in the pop-up or do I have to visit their profile?

    Oliver, yes, you are probably right about that being a slight influence, but I doubt it would be enough to make that big of a difference. Plus, one assumes that there would be some transparency in the review about taking advantage of a discount (they do that with TBD and TER reviews - ya' know - "she was offering a discount so I went for it" kind of statement). Plus, it is clearly stated on my website anyhow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver kloseoff
    in the last 2 yrs enough to have rented over 200 escorts
    Oliver, out of the 200 how many did you book thru agency's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karma

    Far from me the idea of telling you how you should run your business, don't get me wrong. I just wanted to point out that there's LOT of sides you should consider before applying discounts for members of a board.

    Anywayz, I have much more to say on this topic I can post here without having the mods on my back. If you wanna have more infos, and it applies for all ladies, PM me.
    Actually, just because one is a member, or even a senior member, doesn't mean automatic - okay I will see you. However, I have been doing this for over 4 years with TBD and TER - what it does help me do is screen, and given Montrealers aversion to screening MY way, this would be a way to screen their way (somewhat)... I always screen and I am not afraid of a bad time (I assume you mean that the guy has a bad time?) - if I suck (and not the good way), well, then I deserve a bad review - don't I? If you mean a possibly dangerous client, I have always been extremely cautious and have yet to meet up with a bad-apple (weird yes, bad no) Mind you, I rarely see locals so that may be a factor (I am not saying locals are bad - just that the ladies in Montreal are not as supportive of each other as in the US).

    Ideally, ladies will start to support each other more solidly, making everyone safer.

    I will PM you later!

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    If a discount was offered by the girl perhaps, though I could never, in good conscience, ask for one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver kloseoff

    for the record i have had agency girls but outside the agency -so no agency or drive fee but you still beat me on big discounts guy
    I would think that seeing a girl outside of the agency minus the extra fees is tantamount to getting a discount - isn't it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver kloseoff
    if i bang the same girl you do but i didnt have her delivered to a hotel or my house throught the agency and its the same girl what does it matter,my opinion only counts if i magically get ehr throught the agency and not on the side
    Oliver, you have to realize alot of the outcall girls would never try the streets. Ive seen alot of the girls you've talked about on the boards (from several walkabouts with you and with from your pictures)...and i have to say i wasnt very impressed with 99% of them. There's "bang for your buck" and then there's "quality for your buck". You want it cheap for a quicky then that's what you get. Id rather pay the extra and get (hopefully) a hotter chick than those ive seen in the streets. Not saying you might occasionally find a hotty in the streets, just that they are very elusive creatures.

    And ive got to tell you big O...if you went to germany with me to the fkk clubs you'd probably never go back to the streets. Same price but the amount of talent and the variety of hotty's cant be beat. Finally found out just what those teachers meant by supply and demand...lots of talent keeps the prices low, lack of talent and they start to rise.

    p.s...roundtrip air to montreal $437; roundtrip to frankfurt 696 (plus you buy 5 flights the 6th one is free).
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    putting things in perspective

    Oliver, ever run across a streetwalker who looked like

    Allison of Eleganza (now retired) looked pretty much like this (except for the extra photoshop). Same body (large natural breasts for such a small frame); Awsome butt that was very memorable while in doggy; great long hair and she knew how to flip it just 'so' while in doggy.

    Yeah, $180 is a hundred more than the going rate of a streetwalker...but most of the times its worth the extra cash.

    Try an agency girl booked thru an agency once and report back on the difference between streetwalkers and agencys girls.

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    Anik's view seems reasonable to me. I expect that a long-time Membership or a long review history would assure an escort that the client is not an unusual freak. A paid membership further indicates a deeper commitment by the member to the hobby. There is nothing wrong with a discount that is publicly announced, and not secretly offered in exchange for a review. Merb currently doesn't have a paid category with privileges for hobbyists (other than having an avatar).

    Karma seems to hint that there are undesirable clients even among long-time members, so there is no particular advantage in charging them a lower fee. I can understand this viewpoint too.

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    Maxima, why would you want to pick on just me as an example?

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    SL? SL?? Calling SL! You there?

    I'm shocked we haven't heard from the preeminent opponent of this idea in this thread yet.

    While its an interesting idea, the conflict of interest is huge. Receiving a discount in any way shape or form just runs contrary to being able to assure the READERS of our reviews that objectivity has been maintained. I might be as well served to listen to any old shill as someone who takes a discount for membership on this or any other review board.

    Restaurant critics don't announce who they are when they walk into a fine dining establishment. The entire idea is to keep the staff completely unaware of who you are in order to get an accurate reflection of how they treat the average Joe, not how they treat celebrity VIP's!

    At best, I would say this idea has to leave the review board out of the equation entirely. If anything of this nature was to happen it should be between the agency and its VIP clients, however the idea still would bother me personally if such an arrangement wasn't disclosed at the beginning of any subsequent review since it would amount to shilling if it wasn't.

    I can't imagine many bad reviews under such circumstances since 1)The escort will treat the VIP client like a VIP client since she knows who he is in the first place which isn't necessarily reflective of how she would treat any client she didn't know and 2)The client has an incentive to take it easy on the ladies in his review since he doesn't want to mess up his sweet deal.

    Hey, disagree with me if you want, just my .02
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    Thumbs up Discounts are routinely offered...

    Quote Originally Posted by HonestAbe
    While its an interesting idea, the conflict of interest is huge. Receiving a discount in any way shape or form just runs contrary to being able to assure the READERS of our reviews that objectivity has been maintained. I might be as well served to listen to any old shill as someone who takes a discount for membership on this or any other review board.

    Unfortunately, discounts are routinely offered. It happened to me twice now and I declined both times. Moreover, tonight my date with someone special fell through and I called some agencies out of the blue cause I am horny as hell. Nobody that I wanted to see was available. How much do you want to bet that I can pin a date with one of my favorites should I announce who I am? It's silly but it's true.

    Discounts should be offered to all members, not the priviledged few. There are some unscrupulous clients out there that continuously demand discounts threatening a bad review if they don't get one. Again, this is total bullshit.

    I will publicly state that I have used my thread name with some agency owners because for me, it doesn't make a difference as far as I am concerned. I know this is a contentious issue but I have never asked for discounts or preferential treatment. I research my ladies very carefully and I doubt that I would get any "special treatment" due to my board handle. Sometimes, it can even go against me.

    As I have stated before, I never post negative reviews, giving the benefit of the doubt to the lady (she might be having a bad day). If it is really awful service - like what happened to Bryson recently - then I would post it.


    P.S. No matter how bad discounts are, I have heard worse stories through the grapevine. In particular, one delusional client that thought he was special once paid an indy $250 after spending six full hours with her. He then went on to write a glowing review. This SP retired soon after this incident.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver kloseoff
    i wonder what delusional person you be talking about
    LOL, at least she wasn't one of my gems!!!


    P.S. Maybe I can bring her out of retirement...stay tuned.
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