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Thread: Downhill slide?

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    Downhill slide?

    This post is certainly similar to a recent one by General Gonad, but don't blast me for it please. I average less than 35 posts per year, still a good number, but most of those posts were early on.
    I too find myself spending less and less time on Merb now. I still read the board on a weekly basis, but the time spent here is less and less. The time spent reading the "naughty" sections is mere moments compared to a year ago.
    I find that as posters, we now show minimal respect to others. As explained by a newer member, we alienate the new guys. A post that disagrees with someone's opinion is responded to with hostilaty,ridicule, and out and out flaming. A misplaced post is rarley answered with gentle directions. These are fellow members who, like myself, may have been "lurkers" for some time before becoming members. They may just have some great info to share. That doesn't excuse the incessant requests that always seem to go something like this: Has anybody been to ___club? Has anybody tried the Blond/Brunette/Redhead? For CHRIST'S SAKE! GO TRY THEM YOURSELF AND POST THE REVIEW! The same request in every thread gets real old.
    The lack of respect doesn't just get directed at new guys though. Senior posters have left/stopped posting because of the amount of crap spewed at them with little or no provocation.
    The number of suspensions for duplicate posters/shills is embarassing. Yes, sex is a money making business, but I doubt that advertising fees are that high. If you provide good service, the positive feedback on the board is all the advertising you will need.
    Last but not least, the MODS are not here to babysit. They may occasionally have to edit some posts, but they are not supposed to be referees.
    I unfortunately see far too many similarities between the direction that MERB is taking, and the downhill slide that canb**t took before it went to a pay format.
    Thank you for letting me rant in what may be my last post.
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