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Thread: Jon Bon Jovi on Larry King tonight...

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    Thumbs down Jon Bon Jovi on Larry King tonight...

    Not only is this guy a stud, he is well spoken, articulate and intelligent. He is also a liberal Democrat and friends with Al Gore, one of the most respected politicians down south.

    He is also very humble and down to earth for a guy that leads one of the world's most popular bands. He was asked how he has kept his marriage together in the face of constant temptation. His reply: "I was lucky, I got it right the first time around. I have a wife I love and four healthy kids."

    On his aspirations on becoming a politician: "'s tough because 50% of the population hates you. I don't think I am smart enough to be a poltician of calibre and debate guys like Al Gore." He added: "...I prefer to remain a philanthropist and serve my community."

    As far as separating politics from business, he stated: "..I do not bring politics to my shows. I am there to entertain regardless of whether or not you're a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent."

    The guy impresses me a lot. He has class and the looks that all men would kill for. Ah, the life of a rock star!


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    I was amazed that he was in U-571.

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Gonad
    He was asked how he has kept his marriage together in the face of constant temptation.
    Heard that he wrote the song Bed of Roses after he got caught cheating his wife...

    Anyhow has you say this guy is very smart, he's the leader of my favorite band, the show at parc Jean Drapeau in july was amazing. You can read the transcripts of the interview at:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaempferrand
    Bon Jovi like everyone else has an image he projects with the public and the true image if you know him personally......
    True, he's probably a jerk in real life. Still, I wonder how many hotties throw themselves at him after every concert.


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