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Thread: Going the Distance-movie 2004

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    Going the Distance-movie 2004

    This is a question that I figure only MERBites could possibly answer. In 2004, Much Music and CHUM Ltd decided to try their hand at film making and came out with a movie called Going the Distance. It was supposed to be a road trip comedy featuring a Canadian cast, Canadian landscapes, etc... turns out the movie was a total bomb.

    So why do I bring this up? Well, at one point, our intrepid band of travellers ends up in Montreal and, of course, head to a strip club. They take a shot of the Club Super Sexe neon sign and go to shots inside the club. Now I've been to Super Sexe more times than I would care to count since I moved here a year ago, but the interior of the bar in the movie didn't look like Super Sexe to me. And since they claim that everything was shot "entirely on location" in a variety of Canadian cities, including Montreal, it makes me wonder what bar they shot at? The place in the film had a couple of trapezes set up, as well as an on-stage shower.

    I've always been one for mindless trivia, so please help me out: what bar appears in Going the Distance? Or was it even a Montreal club at all?


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    I'm not familiar with the movie, never saw it, so I'm downloading it now. It's gonna take a while before I get it, 24 hours or so, but when I finally get a chance to see it I'll let you know. Do you know about when this scene happens in the movie so I can just skip to the right scene? The version I found apparently isn't in either english or french so watching it all the way through could be a bit of a chore but I'll do my best.

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    On the dvd it's chapter 16 (of 20), entitled "Final Stop." Thanks for taking a look at it.


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    I just watched the scene you're talking about and as you suspected it is definately NOT the SuperSexe . Unfortunately I can't id the bar as it's not at all familiar to me. I'll check it out in more detail later and post a description of the layout here. Maybe someone else can figure out where it is.

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    I've seen the movie but not enough of MOntreal clubs to identify it. I agree not the greatest of movies but for a Canadian fare, I'm glad they tried to do a teen-comedy instead of another typical Canadian angst movie about inuit and moose.

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    Thanks for the effort, Techman. I wouldn't be surprised if they just shot the exterior and then shot the rest in Toronto. I had asked the doorman at Super Sexe about it a while ago, but I think he was too new to have been around during that time. Maybe someone else can ID the club. It looked pretty cool to me.


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