Have often wondered if it really makes a difference when calling an agency and mentioning you are basing some of your decision on MERC reviews.

Does the agency make an extra bit of effort knowing it may be someone that will write a review and mention the behavior of the agency? Does the escort behave differently if they know the person may write a review? What is your opinion (especially from agency people and escorts)?

My personal opinion is it makes a difference to most agencies (the ones that value customer serivce). They are smart enough to know that one bad review takes many positive reviews to erase a negative. It is only human nature. Think about your own behavior. If everything seems to your liking and the last review is totally opposite of your liking, what will you remember. You will view the agency with some caution. If there are 15 positive reviews and the last 2 are negative, will you pass on the agency.

Same with the SP's. You look, read and decide there is someone you would like to meet and the last review is negative. Caution? If the last 2 are negative - avoid?

Yeah - I know. The value of the board is to share info. But always curious if the mention that you are a member (and possible poster) encourages better service.

OK - you got me. I spend too much time in marketing and anxoius to hear how your reactions to postings effect your behavior.

Also anxious to hear from agencies & SP's if they behave differently if a person mentions the board.