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Thread: Toronto vs Montreal

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    Toronto vs Montreal

    Just curious for my own knowledge. Why does Montreal have such a negative attitude towards Toronto? Is it because Montreal has a better hockey team and Toronto has a better baseball all team? Is it simply that MOntreal is "Quebecoise" and doesn't consider itself aligned with any other part of Canada? It's just that when i WAS VISITING Montreal recently I asked several people if I should leaVE A few days early and visit Toronto. Each time I received the same answer "don't waste your time on Toronto , it's a piece of shit" any thoughts?
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    T.O. vs. Mtl

    I think Montrealers had a view of Toronto as being a boring Anglo Wasp Town where nothing exciting ever went on. This may have been true in the 50's and 60's, but the City has changed and grown a great deal since the 70's.

    It has become much more multicultural in the last 20 years, not and Anglo Town anymore, not even Euro, but true ethnic diversity from all parts of the world.

    This has made it a much more interesting place to visit. As for traffic, it's not great, but I'll take it to the Montreal rush hour anytime.

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    Actually I think it arises from Hockey, Mtl vs Toronto. The rivalry has been there for almost 100 years. It's also a rivalry between Canada's 2 biggist cities.

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    I think that a number of important of points why Montrealers refers as Toronto as a dull city have not been highlighted. Before I list them, it is important to understand that these are "cliché", and as with any cliché, they are exagerated and long-lived even though sometimes the underlying reality at the source of the cliché has radically changed.

    1) I do not know the situation today, but the bars in Toronto used to close pretty early (1am I believe) compared to Montreal (3 am).

    2) Outside bars, all alcohol (including beer) is only available in specialized store (and consequently not as available) whereas in Montreal you can buy it at any "dépanneur" (and God know that these are everywhere).

    3) It is true that Torontonians are typically more work-minded and Montrealers are typically more pleasure-oriented. Example: I do work often in both cities: at lunch time, people in Toronto tend to work on work premises and/or take less than an hour whereas in Montreal, people tend to go out and/or take a little more than one hour (BTW, onthe contrary, people in Montreal tend to get in at the job earlier in the morning). There are no absolutes, but these are general trends. Other example: going out to dinner with friends / family in Montreal tends to be much longer (i.e., 3 hours) than in Toronto.

    I believe that these factors (and similar ones) have led Montrealers to build a "cliché" that Toronto is dull.

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    There is also another very historical point to the rivalry. In 1867 Montreal and Toronto were both the capital cities of Canada. They would alternate every few years. Wierd but true. One day the capital buildings in Montreal burnt down and to stop the bickering because Toronto wanted it full time they decided to make Ottawa the capitol. Wierd but true.

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    Wow what a discussion thread!

    Living in Montreal and being taxed as if residing in Toronto, now that's the ideal universe.

    Seriously though, it's getting to be an old and tired argument. Compared to other global cities.....both are classy and cool.
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