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Thread: Age of choice

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    Age of choice

    Does age matter?

    In town Wednesday PM and had the time to meet 2 SP's. One turned out to be 18 and the other was late 20's. Found myself uncomfortable with the 18 yr old girl and more comfortable with the older SP. Does age matter?

    A long time hobbiest told me that the ideal age is to find someone 1/2 your own age. Starting to believe him. The 18yr old SP was attractive and experienced, but something did not feel right. Am I alone or do you feel the same? Curious.

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    Oh no ... there was a loooong thread on this recently. It got pretty ugly.

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    An SP half my age would be 14

    That said, I agree with you. I'm more comortable with SP in their mid 20s.
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