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Thread: Faubourg St. LAurent Hotel

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    Faubourg St. LAurent Hotel

    Anyone got the scoop on this...I just got it on priceliena and am thinking of cancelling seens to have a kitchen and internet but its it SP friendly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    How much did you bid? How many stars was it rated?

    It's just newly available... its right beside the HI Express... I saw the rooms a while agao and they were nice. Can't say its SP friendly or not but my guess is that it would be.... don't know how they operate the desk....

    Funny I was just thinking of starting a thread on this the other day. here is a link that will help you:
    I got it for i think43 or 44 US per night. The rooms have internet, fridge, dvd and tv, stove so its pretty good..its a 2 star but certainly better than some 2 star joints.

    In terms of SP friendly, I'm not too sure it it matters casue when I stayed at the courtyard marriot on shebrooke last spring their doors close at 12am, and only security lets you in if you give a reason. i called in an sp at 3am and after a bit of hustle and bustle she got it in. i mean what can they if the girl says "im going to see a friend"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    That seems like a real good price to me.... the suites were very clean and bright... I'd be inclined to keep it at that price...
    it was through priceline though

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