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Thread: The Hot Dog Thread .

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    The Hot Dog Thread .

    Hell merbites ,
    I know this is an already known subject / issue but I still can't find a decent explanation.....

    Can somebody tell me why there are ALWAYS 9 hot dogs sausage in 1 pack and 10 Hot dogs buns....

    Part 2 : WTF do you do with the 10 th bun ?

    If anybody in the food industry could answer I would appreciate .....(Even the All mighty Google got mute when I typed in the subject .)

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    Check the weights on the packages - they are probably nice round figures. Do you want skinnier hot dogs or fatter buns so the numbers are equal.

    Do you really want me to tell you what to do with the 10th bun ?

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    Checked again today and the hot dog pack said 635 g ....this is not even a round number.....

    Still wondering if there's a logic behind that ( Yeah I DO have time to kill )

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    There goes that theory. Okay, here's another: A 'baker's dozen" is 13. Reason: bread was initially sold by weight, and the net weight on the package was that of 12 loaves of bread before baking. However, while bread is baked it loses weight due to evaporation of water, so to make up for the lost weight they tossed in another loaf. Perhaps the same is true of hot dog buns.

    I can't help but wonder if you have figured out yet how they get the caramel into Caramilk bars !

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