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Thread: Who used SOS ticket to contest a ticket? Did it work?

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    Who used SOS ticket to contest a ticket? Did it work?

    Who used SOS ticket to contest a ticket? Did it work? Here is a little survey on this company. I am wanting to try them, but of course there is no guarantee. Please post your experiences if you used them.
    Just having fun!

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    Just curious

    How long is it before tickets are expunged from your driving record in Quebec?

    In my state, it is 3 years, I believe.

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    2 years in quebec

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    SOS Ticket

    Hey SexLover,

    I used SOS Tickets previously and currently still using them for my other cases. I also told my GF to go there and recommended another friend there so far.

    I gave 3 tickets, so far only 1 of them they have finished and this was the results of it.

    Speeding ticket. $180, 3 points.

    Opened new account with SOS member and cost is about $280 I think it was for 3 cases, so about $90 a case.

    He called me back telling me this is what he got and told me that there wasn't much space we can fight with as everything the officer did seemed to be correct. Outcome; $90, 2 points.

    So in the end, that ticket I ended up paying the same amount, but saved 1 point. Better than nothing I guess. So my opinion, they were worth it for me, as I ended up saving that extra 1 point anyway.

    I'm still waiting on a hit and run for 9 points, and also a seat belt ticket for 3 points. Will update you on those when I get more info.

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    hit and run , you such a bastard LOL what did you hit? tell me it was a car.

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    lol, long story short.

    was driving through a tight alley. a f'ing delivery truck was parked there, no way in hell could my car go through, i was on the phone and trying to reverse outta there. hit a parked car, no one in the car or behind me, so i decided to leave.

    And 7 months later, get a call and a nice fat hit and run ticket as apparently someone saw me and got my plate #.

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