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Thread: I'm new to outcall montreal, need re-assurance

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    I'm new to outcall montreal, need re-assurance

    Well, I'm new to this...I have a stupid question:

    Some of the lobbies I imagine are quite small and escorts just walk by the concierge and towards our room? I would feel a little uncomfortable (let alone the escort) if the concierge questions her or myself.

    In addition, do some agencies avoid certain hotels for these reasons?


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    All in your head.

    If you were a business man and you were walking in with either a female company coworker or a potential customer...what would your thoughts be? Act like it is anything but an escort and you will be fine. If you are asked simply say it is an business associate.

    I spoke to an escort about this.....she is uncomfortable walking past the front desk, especially if she does not know where the elevatiors are. She said she just rummages through her purse as she walks by and never really makes eye contact. Never gets stopped.

    Just have a few words ready...if I am asked I simply say she is with me. Thats all they need to know. Who cares what they think. Act like it is all business and give them no other reason to think otherwise.

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    Its your hotel room...

    Don't forget your PAYING for your hotel room, you can bring whoever the hell you want in there.
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    I would walk in like I own the place. Many new visitor do not know where the elevator is so you are no exception.
    Many people dont care what you do. Just dont bring any attention to yourself by dressing too sexy or anything that is too outlandish.

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