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Thread: The Art of Hobbying

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    The Art of Hobbying

    Is Hobby-ing a word? If Hobbyist is, I don`t see why Hobbying can`t be.

    Hello, everyone. I am John (not really, but that`s what I go by here). I figure it would be a great idea to have a do/avoid list for successful Hobbying.

    What I mean is, how to have the most pleasant time possible. Sometimes a SP and a Client click, sometimes they... well... don`t. But like anything else on earth, there is (always) a factor in the so-called ``clicking`` or lack-of-it.

    Ok, I am fairly new to this world, so be gentle (some of my suggestions may sound stupid).

    Client side:
    1. Be clean, dress well, smell good (the BIG 3).
    2. Be nice and gentle (in my experience, girls don`t like rough sex in the real world).
    --- Don`t talk down to the SPs, avoid unpleasant words even if it somehow turned you on.
    3. Bring a gift or tip (Flower, chocolate, even $20 for a job well done).
    4. Be on time (Arriving and Leaving).
    5. Don`t try to coerce a SP into doing things by offering money or asking 2000 times (Unless she has it as an option).
    6. Be open with what you want, ask directly (preferably before the session). That way there are no unpleasant surprises.
    --- This can be hard with Agencies, because they don`t know Every girl`s restriction (so, you can only ask when you see her... which in most cases are too late to back out from).
    7. Be safe... ``could`` be dangerous. BBFS is just CRAZY.

    SP side:
    1. Be clean, dress well (sexy), smell good (the BIG 3).
    2. Speak both languages... (it`s very important to be able communicate with BOTH groups of clients)
    3. Be ``into it`` or at least ACT that way (I am not talking straight-up GFE, but generally warmer. If we want to have sex with a dead fish... we could for free? lol)
    4. Communicate (surprise, sometimes some of us CARES what you want. It helps to communicate because if you`re happy, our session will be better. Tell the client what you like, even asking for it is fine. Some SP loved my DATY technics and they repeatedly asked for it, I LOVED IT.)
    5. Open minded (well, there is a REASON we came to you and not our girl friends. We probably want to try something new or want to test out a position).
    6. FOREPLAY !!! (I want FOREPLAY ! Mainly because some of us have problems with our real life lover and we NEED emotional bandage... not a hole to stick our tool.)
    7. Don`t be too greedy (Asking for extras for DATY or LFK is ridiculous. It`s not an extra burden for you. I understand extra for Greek or . For other things, either you don`t mind it, or you do mind it for some personal reason. Charging for it only makes you look greedy)
    8. Instead of taking off your clothes, take off your clients (and let him do yours). It really is more intimate and it relaxes the client.

    As you can see the SP side is better developed. Because I gathered complains and general info around the forum and composed it. Since SPs don`t come and complain about clients (lol)... the Client side ISNT as well thought out (most of it is just things I like do out to politeness and decency).

    Any contribution is more than welcomed. We can all learn from this thread if enough of us contribute. To the greater cause of better no-strings sex ! Onward, women and men of the !
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    Well said!

    You could add:
    Clients, be safe and honest. Don't be shy and ask upfront what is offered. At least then you will not be stuck with a kill joy question...

    Be on time on the SP side... Although it is not always the fault of the SP.

    There probably are some others. I think this is great thread!!!

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    Edited original post accordingly. Thanks for the input, guys.

    I have a question, had anyone know of any that resulted in more than a monetary exchange (STD being exchanged as well)?

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    I know of giver of getting an STI but it is much rarer for the receiver. Technically it is possible but the risk is negligible.

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    Ah, ok, I see.

    Thanks for the reply...

    *gasps* <--- I can now breath easier.

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    Suggestion for #8

    John, great list. A suggestion for #8 on the Sp side....take off his clothes and let him take yours off. Creates a warm and intimate moment, much better than each taking their clothes off in their respective corners..just my two pennies

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    Quote Originally Posted by isod1
    John, great list. A suggestion for #8 on the Sp side....take off his clothes and let him take yours off. Creates a warm and intimate moment, much better than each taking their clothes off in their respective corners..just my two pennies
    Agreed 100%, the escorts who does that are usually GFE. I love striping clothing away on a hottie.

    Edited accordingly

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    Well, I think it's really all prespectives. Some girls who work as SPs have their "job" to do, their "niche" to fill. A wise girl once said (*wink at that girl*), "A SP who says I love it when you cum on my face, is either lying or downright weird."

    Lots things that guys do (not proud at all), is degrading in its nature. Because we feed of the feeling of power and dominance. The reason (subconsciencely) that we like "cuming on a girl's face" or having her "swallow" is to see her comply with our ridculeous demands (and degrading).

    Lots of women who do weird things; they are either numbed by it, or maybe they simply try to survive in the SP world. Girls like getting "spanked" because guys think it's hot. Girls aren't born that way. Sometimes they associate attention with the actions responsible for that attention (if letting guys have anal sex with her makes her "popular", maybe she will convince herself that she actually likes it).

    God, we are disgusting animals... lol, well I think we are still save-able. Learn how to treat a woman right, PLEASE !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corleone
    May I ask how old you are?

    I am afraid to ask... but why?

    Edit: Ah, I think I know what you are getting at. It's true, the older men usually already know how to treat a girl (most of my friends don't, cause they are like 20 something).

    I was preaching to all 20 something guys who's still intoxicated by sex.
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    Edit: Does that actually happen? I did notice that Escorts never ask for IDs (I could look anywhere from 16-25).
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