This is not a review but rather serves as a piece of document or memo regarding the laughable and rediculous management style by Frank of Candy's Delights.
I called Candy's at about 5pm yesterday to see who might be available and Frank told me there would be Maria, Kim, Veronica so far. I then told Frank that I would like to see at least two of them and probably three if I didn't feel tired after the first two appointments. So I arranged an-hour appointment with Maria @7pm, and another hour appointment with Veronica @9pm, and everything seemed to be ok and settled from that point.
At 6:30pm, Frank called and notified me that Maria wouldn't be available till 9pm because "SHE LIVES OUT OF TOWN, DUE TO TRAFFIC"...blah blah. Frank then asked me if I was willing to make two-hour appointments instead of one. Well, usually I do prefer multi-hour appointments, but never for someone I never met. So I declined two-hour appointment offers, explaining to him what I thought.
If you have been in Montreal sp scenes long enough, you by instict would automatically know what he really meant by "trafic problem, out of town" things, hence 2-hours delay...etc . Well, this sounds very very familiar to me (many Merbies too probably), since I have been through these scenerios numerous times. Appearently, the appointments were given to someone else who booked longer hours. Anyways, I told Frank I would not mind to change the appointment for Maria to 9pm, and the appointment for Veronica would be adjusted accordingly. So we settled again for the adjusted times.
As soon as I hung up the phone, my fingers automatically dialed another numbers for another gency to execute my backup plan. (Yes, just for the record, I learned from my experiences, and I knew what it was going to happen next and I expected it and that's why I came up with backup plans all the time and boy, I was glad that I wasn't completely screwed for the night).
Well, back to the story again. Not to my surprise, at 9pm, no one showed up, then 10pm, still no one nor any phone call. So I called Frank to find out what he was going to say, since I was interested to hear and see his skills in dealing and resolving difficult situation like this. Well, Frank's line of defence was his answering machine. I called second time, and finally third time at 11pm, and it was still that answering machine. Frank, I could call you using my cell phone instead of the hotel's phone. You would probably picked it up if it were a different phone number. I didn't call using my cell, because I want to get the whole story and then let people here see it so that when they try to do businese with you in the future, they would stay more alert since you can act very irresponsibly. you could have been up front with me by telling me that it was an unsual busy night for your girls, so that if I were willing to keep each appointment two-hour long, I would get the privileges to keep the appointments.
Frank, I would let the people here who see this thread draw their own conclusion about you and your agency. To me, it was simply a huge disappointment. You don't have what it takes to be one of the major players in the field. You are such a small player. You don't have the wisdom to turn things around and make things work and hence make everyone happy. Your ultimate solution to problems is your answering machine. You adopt the fast money-grabbing approach and it shows how much you care about your reputation and your agency.
The way I see it is that You simply don't really have the qualities to run a reputable agency. You won't be able to compete.