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Thread: Safe GFE????

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    Safe GFE????

    Lately, there has been a flurry of annoying ads of "Safe GFE" SPs as well as other assorted descriptions such as "NE" SPs. In my book, there should be only three types: GFE, non-GFE and YMMV. There is of course PSE but that's basically porn-style GFE. Anything else is just deceptive marketing. Herewith is a poll to gauge what other Merbites think about this.
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    I voted yes for a couple of reasons. First off the convention for GFE is generally accepted as: DFK, BBJtc (not necessarily swallow), Digits, DATY, MSOG. This is pretty much what the majority of girlfriends , Fiances and other assorted sweethearts could live with. (Condoms for intercourse period - not negotiable). Anal, pearls, russian, facial and the like might raise an eyebrow with girls only moderately exposed to sex. (Yes I know there might be exceptions but they are not in the majority.) Even the swing community goes with GFE for the most part. So what is a safe GFE? - CBJ? saran wrap DATY? no digits? no kiss? I have no idea what it means. Maybe a new buzz term to catch the unwary? If it simply means a minor restriction like no CIM because the lady has a phobia about it then I suppose I could live with it. But that is about it. Anything else and let's be honest and call it what it is, "Safe" or it should be listed as Safe itemizing the restrictions. For me if an an sp lists safe GFE, I assume "All Safe" but she will be a bit affectionate(Whoopdedoo!). Whoever came up with the term must think we all just fell off the turnip truck.
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    At a recent lunch, four seemingly wise perverts debated a host of issues in the hobby, including this rather weird label that is increasingly creeping up.

    One of the perverts adamently denounced this term. ``I hate when I read crap like safe GFE - either they are GFE or they`re not.`` Another pervert agreed: ``...GFE includes kissing, DATY and ...that`s the way it should be.``

    I myself have used the label ``safe GFE`` because I was too lazy to say she offered me DFK, DATY but a CBJ. For me, every time I used safe GFE, this is what I meant.

    But I now realize that safe GFE is an oxymoron. Either you are GFE, offering the same services as a real girlfriend would, or you are not. Agency owners need to be careful with these labels as well since ``safe GFE`` is increasingly creeping up.

    I prefer listing the acronyms out one by one. I would do it like this: Providided you are a well groomed gentleman, so and so can provide you with X Y Z. It can be CBJ, , whatever but it is more honest to list them out.


    P.S. The four wise perverts need to pick a more discreet place to eat lunch next time. You should have seen the look on the couples eating next to us.

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