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Thread: What's your one or two or three favorites beers?????

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    What's your one or two or three favorites beers?????

    Mine is corona or brahma

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    Sierra Pale Ale
    Anchor Steam
    A demander: une cochonne Quebecoise ou Allemande avec qui le sol se derobe sous mes pieds!

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    Brew pub beers for me...particularly pale ales or IPAs.

    Brutopia's beers are great. I'm from out of town and I always drink there when in Montreal. There used to be an interesting brew pub in a rundown area called Cheyval Blanc, or something like that. Is it still around?

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    Guiness in bottles, not cans

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    the guy w/soft hands..
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    corona, stella artois and rickard's

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    Blue Moon, Bass Ale, Sam Adams

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    Anything from Victory Brewing- Downingtown PA

    Anything from Alpine Brewing- San Diego CA

    And the best of all time- right in your backyard- Dieu Du Ciel-especially any of their Imperial stouts !!! Keep giving us the world's best products JF...

    Best REagrds


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    I love my beer like I love my men, thick and creamy, with great head! (lol)



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    The Da of the Dasein

    Plzeňský Prazdroj (if it's too hard to pronounce when you're drunk, just say Pilsner Urquell)

    Brahma Chopp

    Caracu (stout)
    ἄνθρωπος μέτρον
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    Leffe blonde (tap), Hoegaarden white beer with a lemon slice (tap), Calrslberg (tap), Grimbergen (tap)

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    Quote Originally Posted by picasso
    Sierra Pale Ale
    Anchor Steam
    You have good taste Picasso. Every try Anchor Liberty? Those are among my favorites too -- along with a Belgian beer called Delerium Tremens...


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    Tiger Beer, Bintang, San Miguel

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    Delirium tremens is a very good beer, known to be the strongest beer in the world!!!

    2 glasses and you're down for 2 days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtl.male
    Guiness in bottles, not cans
    Guinness on tap (if possible in Dublin or in the UK, the taste overthere is less sweet than the one in Montreal) or in a can. Guinness in bottle isn't creamier as the one in a can or on tap.

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    Beers are always tastier on tap!!!!!!!!!!!!

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