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Thread: Champions League Winner Predictions??

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    Champions League Winner Predictions??

    Fellow Merbites,

    Who will win this years champiosn league. I feel this year there is no one team that is execptional like Barcelona last year or AC Milan (although they lost - we all know about that) the year before. If I had to put some money I would probably bet on Manchester United.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esco!
    Toronto FC
    I think that poonyman mean a real soccer team, not a junior one.
    I think will be between Manchester, Milan or even Lyon.

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    Barcelona and AC Milan in trouble

    AC Milan drew 0-0 with Celtic in Glasgow and Liverpool beat Barcelona 2-1 @ Nou Camp in Barcelona. Looks shit for Barceloan and not that good for AC Milan.

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    Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool

    We're going to the Quarter Finals.
    Thank you for the Away Goals Rule...

    Tomorrow will be a good game with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich (one of my faves)

    Thank you for illegal satellite, boy do I hate curling.

    You'll Never Walk Alone


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    Champions League Round of 16 Day 2 Update

    Gehen Munchen!!!!!

    Bayern Munich knocked Real Madrid out. Hargreaves was silent though.

    Manchester United won, PSV Eindhoven won while Milan is winning 1-0 in extra time with Celtic.

    Hope there are some football (soccer) fans out there.

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    Bayren Vs AC Milan - Bayren
    Chelsea Vs Valencia - Chelsea
    Man Utd Vs Roma - Man Utd
    Liverpool Vs PSV - Liverpool

    Bayren Vs Man Utd - Man Utd
    Liverpool VS Chelsea - Liverpool

    Liverpool Vs Man Utd - Liverpool

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    Bayern Vs AC Milan - Milan
    Chelsea Vs Valencia - Chelsea
    Man Utd Vs Roma - Roma
    Liverpool Vs PSV - Liverpool

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    My Predictions

    Bayern Munich v AC Milan

    Too bad Ronaldo can't play and their captain is injured.
    Munich will make it past Milan.

    Chelsea v Valencia

    Seems Chelsea is easing off the pedal a bit trying to chase Man U.
    Valencia is playing their best football but won't be enough against
    Drogba, Essien, Lampard, Schevchenko, Robben, Makele, etc...
    Chelsea winners.

    Liverpool v PSV

    My favourite team, the Reds, this is all they have now and they will
    give it their all. Gerrard and Carragher against a team they beat previously
    in the first round and without their best defender Alex. Another trip to the semi-finals for the Anfield boys.

    Manchester United v Roma

    On paper, looks like a cakewalk. But only one true striker in Rooney but Ronaldo and the boys should hopefully break against the Roma defence. Okay Totti is on fire and the Italians have a way with the Red Devils but
    experience from Giggs, Neville and Scholes should prevail

    Chelsea v Liverpool

    Well, what can you say. In the Premiership, the Blues own us. But when it comes to the Champions League, we give it a little extra. We beat Barcelona but they ain't no Chelsea. Hopefully, we can hold them at the Bridge and win at Anfield. Liverpool to the finals, 2nd time in 3 years.

    Manchester United v Munich

    Well, well, I still can't forget the Red Devils beating the boys from Munich in extra time. I saw that game live and will never live it down. Munich is on a comeback with their former coach but Man U is on a roll and Milan will tire out the German squad. So the boys from Old Trafford get the nod.

    Liverpool v Manchester United

    No comment until this actually happens.

    Now, anyone a Cricket fan here???? West Indies versus Pakistan on right now.

    Thanks and have a good day.


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