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Thread: What is Interesting in Montreal?

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    What is Interesting in Montreal?

    Hello Merb Members,

    I will soon be making a hobby trip to Montreal, so I have been lurking here at Merb, to figure out what to do. I am most interested in new, interesting things that are not available in Ontario. I am more interested in places to go than in escorts.

    So far, the things that I have noticed to try are FS strip clubs (there are plenty of those here, not seemingly not as open), and Sexy Restaurants. I would appreciate any other suggestions that anyone has for interesting things to do.

    As far as strip clubs in general, where are good places to go to see a spectacle? In terms of many dancers, lots of girls on stage, customers going on stage, features, things like that?

    I appreciate any suggestions, and will post my reviews when I return.

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    Though some will disagree, I wouldn't even bother with FS strip clubs. They're located out in the suburbs, so you'll need a car and the ability to navigate.

    Besides, you end up paying more at a club for less service. Better to stick with an SP.

    Just for kicks and a cheap time, you may want to check out some downtown clubs like Wanda's and Cleopatra's.

    As for sexy restaurants, there is Les Princesses with nude waitresses. I went there, but I found the service very rude and the food not worth the trip.

    I would just go to just about any upscale restaurant and just check out hot hostesses and waitresses, your average Quebecois chicks. La Queue de Cheval, the steakhouse, for example, has very hot hostesses.

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    I was there last tuesday (queue de cheval)... the girl who seated my party was so hot that I nearly blew a load in pants... I nearly told her that I brought my own bernaise sauce tonight

    Good advice from bond-james-bond... Go Queue, or to Buena Note or Globe, or Primadonna... Hotest hostesses in town.

    Then, get an SP after diner !!


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    I will have a car with GPS, so visiting the suburbs will not be any trouble. I really want to experience things that you can't get here. By all accounts the Sexy Restaurants are somewhat absurd, but I want to see for myself. Anything else in that vein that you can think of?

    I have read about swinger places that are open 24/7 and admit single men. Are they worth attending?

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