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Thread: Make your Selection: Montreal Most Gorgeous Sex Workers!

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    Exclamation Make your Selection: Montreal Most Gorgeous Sex Workers!

    We all agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I also think we can agree that Cindy Crawford in her prime (and even now) was better looking than say 99.99% of the female population.

    There are many beautiful sex workers in Montreal. In terms of looks, I would say that most hotties work in massage parlors. This isn`t surprising given that there are limits to what you can do in a massage parlor. Profits in the erotic massage business require high volumes, which in turn requires you to hire some hot babes. There are massage places that offer more mileage but trust me, the women that work at these places are as brutal looking as the ones that work at incalls. There are rare exceptions, however, they are rare.

    Now I have discussed with some members how many of us are generous to the way we rate ladies in terms of looks. I think guys confuse service with looks. (``She gave me an awesome TCIM so I will give her a 9/10 in looks`` ).

    I want us to discuss looks very honestly here. Yes it is superficial, but who do you really consider to be a gorgeous lady? There are many hotties but if you really had to narrow it down purely based on looks, who would you choose? You have to choose someone that you`ve already met and they have to be actively working.

    Here are some of the ladies that make my list. In the SP scene, it`s a little tougher. I found Tanya of Asservissante gorgeous too with an excellent service. Judy of Devilish had a Playboy Playmate body and she was pretty too. But my SP award goes to Maude of XXXtase who I find gorgeous, especially her face, and I liked her easy going style in our session.

    In the massage scene, Kim of Kama wins my most gorgeous MP award with Emmanuelle of Salon d`Or coming in a close second. Kim is also an incredible experience in terms of erotic massages and she`s extremely nice, which is a bonus. Despite her older age, from the ladies I have met, I consider Kim to be Montreal`s hottest sex worker. Period.

    So who would make your list if you had to narrow it down to one or two? It`s tough because there are more than a few hotties out there. But if you had to make a choice purely based on looks, who would be your choice?

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    Best legs- Caress(Devilish)

    Best DFK- Caress(Devilish)

    Nicest Tits- Channel, Kim(Devilish)

    Best Ass- Carmen(ex Satin Dreams)

    Nicest Sp to talk too(Samy wins this hands down)

    Best Face(i will leave this one out because beauty is really in the eye of the beholder)

    I hope you dont consider this a hijacking of your thread GG because i just thought that i would expand on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe.t
    I hope you dont consider this a hijacking of your thread GG because i just thought that i would expand on it.
    No but I wanted the focus to remain on looks. If you had to judge them based purely on looks, who would make your top three list? It isn't easy. I re-edited to include Tanya of Asservissante and now I am thinking of Luna of XXXtase too.


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    Based only on looks I would go with Kim of Devilish. The others SP that i've seen where in cheap incalls. (80$ for 30 min). They where ok and I thought that an SP would be less good looking than a Stripper but much more nasty.

    Well Kim proved me wrong! You put her in any strip club, she would still be one of, if not the best looking gril out there.... I remember the first time I saw her and she asked me if I found her good looking, I laugh and said "fuck yeah!!!"
    She said:"well I still have to ask just to make sure you are satisfied" but it was clear from the look on my face and the bone in my pants that I was more that satisfied with her looks...

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    Lauren, Lucie, Bianka and friends

    In my recent expirience:

    Lucie Douce: There is something about this woman that, to me, says hottie! Maybe the dancer stripper body, maybe the dancer stripper moves, maybe the attitude or a combination of all of the above. There is alot to say about a curvaceous- volupteous woman who's body speaks for itself. Is she the most gourgeous SP in MTL????, I think she is a hottie!

    A young, firm female body is also a beautifull thing to see (Marie-Eve of Devilish) yet maybe not what all will describe as gorgeous.

    There is also the exotic look, it adds a bit of flavour to the mix and makes it that much more special : Bianka Davila. And the woman can get you into the action like no other, just fantastic.

    Anyone looking, if only that, at the pics of Kiki migth be tempted to vote for her, she has a great looking body and because of her height has does long neverending legs I just love to look at. Gorgeous? You be the judge

    Now my sentimental favorite: Lauren Graces, to me the woman is the whole package, I have never left disappointed after meeting her, nor do I think I will, to be that is beautifull.

    Someone already said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxima
    I find Judy's face very average, nothing to write home about. Purely on an overall "look" package, Maude is a hotter and better looking babe, IMHO.

    You are right. I re-edited my post to put Maude #1. Judy has a great body - one of the best in the biz - but if I am to rate body AND face, Maude is my #1 choice. I think Judy is cute but Maude's face is something else.

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    Based on just the first look, the first glance at her figure ( it was summer) and her face plus my reaction when she glided in the room......drum roll

    Kiki is the one for me from all the other SP I have seen.

    A blond beauty with a smile that makes her look even better and what body lines and curves. The california beach babe in a german packaging with none of the attitude.

    She is such a good memory that I never repeated being afraid to be disappointed. what a dope hey!

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    Choices...too many.

    Hello General,

    I love ladies. I find many of the SPs I have met quite beautiful. To name a few active ones there are Cindy of DC/My Prime Time Escorts, Katryna of DC/My Prime Time Escorts, Chrystelle formerly of Platinum and now independent; then Miss Samantha and Lily of FKS have it all. But I found one of the most beautiful women I ever met by accident. A last minute call very late at night brought me to Exxxclusive and a once in a lifetime chance. Her name was Britney. She was super sleek, quite tall, had magnetic green eyes like sparkling emeralds, and long wavy platinum blonde hair, slightly frosted. Her looks reminded me a lot of the pornstar Britney Skye. This lady was shy and wary about clients. But once she warmed to you she was spectacular in every way. Because she was not GFE many probably passed on meeting her. They missed a miracle. Whooooooa...excuse me I'm having a flashback. Now where did I put that....

    Miss you Britney,

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    My vote has to go to Nadia from devilish....

    What she has is classical beauty, none of the blonde blue-eyed stuff that you'll find on every corner in this city. She may be lacking in a few places, but for overall look, she takes the cake.

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    my vote go to allison @devilish the body of stripper and the cute face ,the amazing ass

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    Never expected SP's to be beauty pageants but, for the exercise, I would say Miss Samantha and Elle Duval. Tall and curvaceous dark brunettes appeal to me in a particular way...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy Montana
    Never expected SP's to be beauty pageants but, for the exercise, I would say Miss Samantha and Elle Duval. Tall and curvaceous dark brunettes appeal to me in a particular way...

    What about Amy of Prime Time (formerly of Devilish)? I think we can both agree she has great curves.


    P.S. I love her new pics!

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