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Thread: Market, food, recipe to eat well every single day, every meal

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    Market, food, recipe to eat well every single day, every meal

    Hello my neighbor Canadians,

    There is a thread about Restaurants in Montreal to go to eat.
    It is a great thread. However, not all of us eat out every single meal, every single day.
    We still eat most of the time at home.
    Anybody out there who knows of great, cheap market to go to buy foods, recipe to cook great meals, please share your experiences here so we all can cook a healthy, great meal every single day at home.

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    Well when I am in Montreal I go to the Jean Talon market. The Atwater market is also good. As an american I am always amazed at the quality and cheap prices for great quality items compared to what I get in the US. No big surprise as to why people in montreal are thinner and better looking. I eat healthier when I am here than I do at home.

    For recipes there are a series of books by Mark Bittman called the "Minimalist" series that sound up your alley. Recipes that are easy and quick but still taste good. As a single guy I am in the same boat and would rather cook than go out all the time.

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