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Thread: National Lurker to Member Day

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    Thumbs down National Lurker to Member Day

    I declare, Today, Monday March 12th 2007, as National Lurker to Member Day
    Let all ye Lurkers come forth, and cross over to the Member's Side.
    Do not be Afraid...........
    Clense your Lurkedness
    Speak your Voice, and hold nothing back
    My fellow Hobbyists will embrace You
    My fellow Merbites will not disgrace You
    SO, let it be known throughout all of the Web, that Today Monday March 12th 2007, as National Lurker to Member Day
    I Thank YOU !

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Dover
    As a relatively new poster, I'd like to chime in on congratulating Techman as well. And, since this thread was started, it's probably the right place to mention that it was definitely, in part, due to Techman's always well reasoned, yet often humorous comments that I decided to move over from lurker status in the first place...

    Be Proud Proud.........

    There are - Currently Active Users: 368 (41 members and 327 guests)
    Almost 1 to 8 Ratio.....14512 Total Members

    Lurkers......come out and PLAY

    ***And so, my fellow Merbites: ask not what your Hobby can do for you - ask what you can do for your Hobby. My fellow Merbites of the world: ask not what MERB will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of the Hobby. ***

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    Wink What about the comebacks?

    Life is short...make the most of it.
    ...larger than ever
    ...but divorce had me lose weight...I can see the tip now!

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