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Thread: Shopping recommendations?

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    Shopping recommendations?


    I have been a lurker so far, but I will be making my way to the dreamland soon. Any recommendation for man's cloth in Montreal? I am looking for something resembling "business casual" and not available in typical USA mall. I also need a suggestion for chocolate shop. I need something to distract GF when she starts asking too many questions

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    For chocolate shop, there's Chocomax. The adress is 814 Decarie Blvd, Montreal.

    Map: boulevard Decarie&city=Saint-Laurent&state=QC

    There's also Divine Chocolatier on Crescent Street

    And Chocolaterie Geneviève Grandbois (several locations)

    You can also buy Godiva's chocolate at Ogilvy, 1307 St. Catherine W.

    There's also Chocolat Privilège at Jean-Talon market and many other places...but tht's enough will get indigestion!

    For clothes...hum. This is more difficult. It depends on what you want to buy...

    Maybe there's 5e avenue

    Or there's Simons. They have the collection Le 31 for men.

    Take a walk on St. Catherine you will find many clothes stores. If you want more expensive clothes go on St. Denis (Dubuc, Airoldi) or visit a tailor on St. Hubert or on St. Laurent (in Little Italy).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmaru67
    "business casual" , chocolate shop.
    Walk down Peel street, between Sherbrooke and Renee-Levesque. You'll find a few very high cla$$ small shops on your left. Really high end stuff. On your right, there's a high cla$$ shopping center with lots of neat / high end stuff there too.

    If you just want to go to a mall, go to Rockland. Lots of shops there should offer higher end clothes of different styles.

    For chocolate, I'm a Godiva addict. Google their website for the the shop nearest to where your hotel will be.

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    As far as general clothes shopping, I am a fan of Le Baie on St. Catherine, which is an enormous department store, with a large selection of men's and women's clothing. And by the ways, they have a candy department on the first floor which is very good with a broad selection of chocolates.

    There is a really good, classy clothing store called Ogilvy, corner rue de la Montagne and St. Catherine, right across the street from the Vogue. Check it out:

    There is a chocolate store called Juliet's (I believe) on St. Denis which the member rumpleforeskin, a/k/a regnaD, is always raving about. There is also a chocolate store in the Complex Desjardins, the name of which escapes me, which is good although nothing extraordinary.
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    If you go north on De La Montagne 2 blocks from Ogilvy's (mentioned above) you will find Holt Renfrew on the corner of Sherbrooke - My favorite place to shop in Montreal (a little High end).
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