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Thread: Craps?

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    Have the Montreal casinos ever legalized craps, which last time I went to one years ago was apparently a banned game? It's by far the best casino game, and the one you have the best chance to make money at.

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    I don't think it's here yet, same as poker.

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    hi, there s 2 tables of craps at the casino of montreal and caraibean poker and poker grand prix. i think the best place to do money is the baccara.

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    Wow..two tables. Thanks...I might actually stop there now. I bet the tables aren't all that busy.

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    This question is right up my alley. For people who really play craps, the following is my view:

    1. Two tables, as reported above.
    2. 3-4-5 odds
    3. friendlly dealers; sometimes a bit slow if you are used to AC or Vegas
    4. bi-lingual dealers
    5. the regular players appear to be very superstitious...more than normal. Lots of passing of dice if one is on a "cold" night.
    6. can be crowded on weekends; no place to go if on a cold table.

    otherwise a great place to kill a few hours and a few dollars (canadian of course); no booze though.

    see you there...

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