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Thread: Kim's Suspect Revealed.

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    Exclamation Kim's Suspect Revealed.

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to relay some very interesting information here. When Kim told me who her client was that night and his nick on the other board i decided to write him a pm. Now a very interesting response came out in public from none other then Tony"elfgonebad" himself, i goes like this......
    Christopher: You keep taking Truman's money and at the same time you are backstabing him. He found out what you say about him behind his back and some nasty shit you uttered about his ethnic heritage too. So here is the scoop: Kim's cut is there to be collected, however your cut or the driver's cut isn't. (don't shoot me, I am just relaying the message)."QUOTE"

    Not really sure what the BS he is talking about when it comes to the ethnic heritage part but makes me really wonder if it was him himself in that room that night.


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