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Thread: Police ticket traps around Montreal

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    Police ticket traps around Montreal

    I am starting this thread to inform MERB memebers of ticket traps the cops have set up around Montreal. The cops will tell you that they have set up these traps not to make money but to keep the streets for pedestrians. Well I say to this that they should ticket the jerk bastard 15 year old that walked right in front of my car in the middle of the street and then gave me the finger and the evil eye.
    I would like to make MERB memebers aware that there is a speed trap on Papineau street just after the underpass at Des Carrierre street.
    Lets be careful out there ( hobbying and driving )

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...
    Any street in Montreal is a ticket trap, just think about parking enforcment!
    It's true in Montreal, some places are dowright dangerous for speed.
    But as you said, they should enforce the laws on pedestrians a lot more. I almost hit 1 guy running right across Rene-Levesque corner University. 5:30pm, I was in the leftmost lane and he almost got hit by the cars in the right lanes too but kept going, almost getting killed again by peoples in the other direction! Never even slowed down!

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