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Thread: Paige Here!

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    Paige Here!

    Posting this as a seperate thread, just in case.

    Good evening all,

    I must say I'm flattered as to the showing of interest/concern to my whereabouts. I believe it would be in poor taste to make any public comments as to my employment with MSA.

    That said, as I have been removed from the site I will assume as most have that I no longer am part of the team. In the interim, the down time was definately beneficial.

    It has allowed me to regain my energy and vivacity, which I did need in effect. I am deliberating on which agency/agencies I will be contacting in order to get back into the swing of things. (Hint, hint )

    I am appreciative of Doc Holliday's astute observations that there were not "numerous" agencies posting availability on their schedules for me. If we are all mistaken, then I certainly welcome anyone that is privy to this "list" to post it so that I may address the issue.

    I leave you on this for the time being, more to come soon!

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    Talking Synonymy

    Quote Originally Posted by ~Mystery~Girl~
    I believe it would be in poor taste to make any public comments as to my employment with MSA.
    Hello Unfinished Business,
    Perhaps it's only a matter of syntactic proximity but the collation of "poor taste" and "MSA" gives sense of synonymy.

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    First time!

    Hello Paige!

    That being your first post,
    Welcome abord!
    Welcome to Montreal Sex City GFE Experience! Montreal's Upscale Escorts Agency Since...2007!
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    Thumbs down Welcome on the board !

    wish you the best page and wish you find you place like an indy's ....

    send us an email

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